Duke (23-3, 10-3) 484088
Virginia Tech (11-15, 2-11) 282856
    February 21, 2013 - 9:00 PM
    Cassell Coliseum, Blacksburg, Va.
  • Officials: Doug Sirmons, Ed Corbett, Brian O'Connell
  • Attendance: 7,585
  • Notes: Duke is ranked #6 in both the AP and Coaches Polls.
Duke 88
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
02 Quinn Cookg3-61-20-001137120018
05 Mason Plumleef4-60-05-611112313523036
14 Rasheed Sulaimong7-113-40-0145117210230
15 Josh Hairstonf4-60-03-4123311000021
30 Seth Curryg6-145-65-6202222200132
03 Tyler Thornton2-32-30-001116500130
12 Alex Murphy3-41-21-110128000011
21 Amile Jefferson1-40-02-223514000017
40 Marshall Plumlee0-10-00-21011000113
52 Todd Zafirovski0-10-00-00111000002
TEAM 202

  • Technicals: Seth Curry (1)
  • Points Off TOs: 15
  • 2nd Chance Points: 14
  • Points in the Paint: 30
  • Fast Break Points: 3
  • Points off the Bench: 18
  • Largest Lead: 33 - 2nd-02:32
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 1
1st Half2nd HalfTotal
Field Goals15-25 (60.0%)15-31 (48.4%)30-56 (53.6%)
3-Point Field Goals8-9 (88.9%)4-8 (50.0%)12-17 (70.6%)
Free Throws10-10 (100.0%)6-11 (54.5%)16-21 (76.2%)
Deadball Rebounds: 3,1
Virginia Tech 56
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
04 Cadarian Rainesf5-90-00-1325410110026
10 Marquis Ranking0-10-10-001130110021
11 Erick Greeng8-141-25-5022122321032
31 Jarell Eddief2-90-61-104415012028
42 C.J. Barksdalef6-60-02-2358214111021
01 Robert Brown0-20-22-201112230117
02 Joey van Zegeren1-40-01-21014300007
05 Marcus Patrick0-00-00-00000000002
14 Greg Donlon0-00-00-00001000002
22 Christian Beyer0-10-00-00000000002
24 Joey Racer0-00-00-10000000002
25 Will Johnston0-20-20-000010000016
33 Marshall Wood0-30-30-001130030024
TEAM 112

  • Points Off TOs: 7
  • 2nd Chance Points: 4
  • Points in the Paint: 28
  • Fast Break Points: 7
  • Points off the Bench: 5
  • Largest Lead: 4 - 1st-18:42
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 0
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals10-26 (38.5%)12-25 (48.0%)22-51 (43.1%)
    3-Point Field Goals0-7 (0.0%)1-9 (11.1%)1-16 (6.3%)
    Free Throws8-10 (80.0%)3-4 (75.0%)11-14 (78.6%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 0,0
    1st Half
    TimeDukeScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    19:27 0-2VT +2 Good Layup by Jarell Eddie (2) [Paint]
    19:19    Foul by Cadarian Raines (P1/T1)
    19:04Turnover by Mason Plumlee   
    18:42 0-4VT +40.0%Good Jumper by C.J. Barksdale (2)
    18:42   0.0%Assisted by Marquis Rankin
    18:27Missed Jumper by Rasheed Sulaimon  0.0%
    18:27   0.0%Shot Blocked by Jarell Eddie
    18:25Offensive Rebound by Rasheed Sulaimon  0.1%
    18:19Good 3-Pointer by Seth Curry (3)3-4VT +1 
    17:47Foul by Josh Hairston (P1/T1)   
    17:43    Missed Jumper by Erick Green
    17:43    Offensive Rebound by Cadarian Raines
    17:40    Missed Layup by Cadarian Raines
    17:40Shot Blocked by Mason Plumlee   
    17:39Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee   
    17:31Good 3-Pointer by Seth Curry (6)6-4DU +2 
    17:31Assisted by Mason Plumlee   
    17:17    Turnover by Jarell Eddie
    17:02    Foul by Marquis Rankin (P1/T2)
    17:01Missed Jumper by Seth Curry   
    17:01    Defensive Rebound by Erick Green
    16:54    Missed 3-Pointer by Marquis Rankin
    16:54Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee   
    16:42    Foul by Marquis Rankin (P2/T3)
    16:42    Foul by Joey van Zegeren (P1/T4)
    16:42    Sub In Robert Brown
    16:42    Sub In Joey van Zegeren
    16:42    Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    16:42    Sub Out Marquis Rankin
    16:25Good Layup by Quinn Cook (2) [Paint]8-4DU +40.0%
    16:25Assisted by Rasheed Sulaimon  0.0%
    16:09Foul by Quinn Cook (P1/T2)  0.0%
    16:01   0.1%Turnover by Robert Brown
    16:01   0.1%Foul by Robert Brown (P1/T5)
    15:47Turnover by Rasheed Sulaimon  0.0%
    15:47Media Timeout
    15:24Foul by Josh Hairston (P2/T3)  0.0%
    15:24Sub In Tyler Thornton  0.0%
    15:24Sub In Amile Jefferson  0.0%
    15:24Sub Out Josh Hairston  0.0%
    15:24Sub Out Rasheed Sulaimon  0.0%
    15:21   0.0%Missed Jumper by Joey van Zegeren
    15:21Defensive Rebound by Amile Jefferson  0.0%
    15:12Good 3-Pointer by Quinn Cook (5)11-4DU +70.5%
    14:37   0.8%Turnover by Robert Brown
    14:37Steal by Tyler Thornton  0.8%
    14:22Missed Jumper by Amile Jefferson  0.8%
    14:22   0.8%Defensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    14:17 11-6DU +50.2%Good Layup by Erick Green (2) [Paint/Fast Break]
    13:57Good 3-Pointer by Seth Curry (9)14-6DU +80.8%
    13:57Assisted by Quinn Cook  0.8%
    13:34 14-8DU +60.5%Good Jumper by Erick Green (4)
    13:05Missed Jumper by Quinn Cook  0.5%
    13:05   0.5%Defensive Rebound by Robert Brown
    12:39 14-10DU +40.1%Good Jumper by Erick Green (6)
    12:22Turnover by Quinn Cook  0.0%
    12:22Sub In Rasheed Sulaimon  0.0%
    12:22Sub In Alex Murphy  0.0%
    12:22Sub Out Quinn Cook  0.0%
    12:22Sub Out Amile Jefferson  0.0%
    12:22   0.0%Sub In Marquis Rankin
    12:22   0.0%Sub In Cadarian Raines
    12:22   0.0%Sub In Will Johnston
    12:22   0.0%Sub In Marshall Wood
    12:22   0.0%Sub Out Joey van Zegeren
    12:22   0.0%Sub Out C.J. Barksdale
    12:22   0.0%Sub Out Erick Green
    12:22   0.0%Sub Out Jarell Eddie
    12:04   0.0%Missed Layup by Cadarian Raines
    12:04Shot Blocked by Mason Plumlee  0.0%
    12:04Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  0.0%
    11:50Good 3-Pointer by Rasheed Sulaimon (3)17-10DU +70.5%
    11:50Assisted by Seth Curry  0.5%
    11:29   0.5%Missed 3-Pointer by Robert Brown
    11:29Defensive Rebound by Rasheed Sulaimon  0.5%
    11:18Missed 3-Pointer by Seth Curry  0.5%
    11:18   0.5%Defensive Rebound by Marquis Rankin
    11:15Foul by Alex Murphy (P1/T4)  0.5%
    11:15Media Timeout
    11:15   0.5%Sub In Erick Green
    11:15   0.5%Sub In Jarell Eddie
    11:15   0.5%Sub Out Robert Brown
    11:15   0.5%Sub Out Marquis Rankin
    10:43   0.5%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    10:43   0.8%Offensive Rebound by Cadarian Raines
    10:34   0.8%Missed 3-Pointer by Will Johnston
    10:34Deadball Rebound Team  0.5%
    10:32   0.5%Foul by Marshall Wood (P1/T6)
    10:32   0.5%Sub In C.J. Barksdale
    10:32   0.5%Sub Out Marshall Wood
    10:12Good Jumper by Mason Plumlee (2) [Paint]19-10DU +91.3%
    09:49Foul by Mason Plumlee (P1/T5)  1.3%
    09:49Sub In Quinn Cook  1.3%
    09:49Sub In Josh Hairston  1.3%
    09:49Sub Out Seth Curry  1.3%
    09:49Sub Out Alex Murphy  1.3%
    09:36 19-12DU +70.9%Good Dunk by Cadarian Raines (2) [Paint]
    09:36   0.9%Assisted by C.J. Barksdale
    09:34Foul by Quinn Cook (P2/T6)  0.9%
    09:34   0.9%Missed Free Throw by Cadarian Raines
    09:25   0.9%Offensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    09:22   0.9%Turnover by C.J. Barksdale
    09:22   0.9%Foul by C.J. Barksdale (P1/T7)
    09:06Good 3-Pointer by Tyler Thornton (3)22-12DU +101.8%
    09:06Assisted by Mason Plumlee  1.8%
    08:45Foul by Quinn Cook (P3/T7)  1.8%
    08:45 22-13DU +91.3%Good Free Throw by Erick Green (7)
    08:45 22-14DU +80.9%Good Free Throw by Erick Green (8)
    08:45Sub In Seth Curry  0.9%
    08:45Sub Out Quinn Cook  0.9%
    08:26Good Layup by Josh Hairston (2) [Paint]24-14DU +101.8%
    08:26Assisted by Seth Curry  1.8%
    08:19   1.8%Missed Jumper by Erick Green
    08:19Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  1.8%
    08:04   1.8%Foul by Will Johnston (P1/T8)
    08:04Good Free Throw by Seth Curry (10)25-14DU +112.5%
    08:04Good Free Throw by Seth Curry (11)26-14DU +123.2%
    08:04Sub In Marshall Plumlee  3.2%
    08:04Sub Out Mason Plumlee  3.2%
    08:04   3.2%Sub In Robert Brown
    08:04   3.2%Sub In Joey van Zegeren
    08:04   3.2%Sub In Marshall Wood
    08:04   3.2%Sub Out Erick Green
    08:04   3.2%Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    08:04   3.2%Sub Out C.J. Barksdale
    07:54Foul by Marshall Plumlee (P1/T8)  3.2%
    07:54Media Timeout
    07:54 26-15DU +112.5%Good Free Throw by Joey van Zegeren (1)
    07:54   2.5%Missed Free Throw by Joey van Zegeren
    07:54Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  2.5%
    07:54Sub In Mason Plumlee  2.5%
    07:54Sub Out Marshall Plumlee  2.5%
    07:54   2.5%Sub In Cadarian Raines
    07:54   2.5%Sub In Erick Green
    07:54   2.5%Sub Out Will Johnston
    07:54   2.5%Sub Out Marshall Wood
    07:38Good Jumper by Josh Hairston (4)28-15DU +134.0%
    07:38Assisted by Tyler Thornton  4.0%
    07:01   4.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    07:01   5.0%Offensive Rebound by Joey van Zegeren
    06:57   5.0%Missed Jumper by Erick Green
    06:57Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  5.0%
    06:42Good Layup by Mason Plumlee (4) [Paint]30-15DU +156.0%
    06:40Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    06:40   6.0%Sub In Marshall Wood
    06:40   6.0%Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    06:20   6.1%Missed Layup by Joey van Zegeren
    06:20Shot Blocked by Mason Plumlee  6.1%
    06:19Defensive Rebound by Rasheed Sulaimon  6.1%
    05:56   6.1%Foul by Joey van Zegeren (P2/T9)
    05:56Good Free Throw by Josh Hairston (5)31-15DU +167.2%
    05:56Good Free Throw by Josh Hairston (6)32-15DU +178.5%
    05:56Sub In Amile Jefferson  8.5%
    05:56Sub Out Josh Hairston  8.5%
    05:32 32-17DU +157.3%Good Dunk by Joey van Zegeren (3) [Paint]
    05:32   7.3%Assisted by Robert Brown
    05:19Missed Jumper by Rasheed Sulaimon  7.4%
    05:19Offensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  6.2%
    05:17Missed Tip-In by Mason Plumlee  6.2%
    05:17   6.2%Defensive Rebound by Jarell Eddie
    05:06   6.3%Missed Layup by Joey van Zegeren
    05:06Defensive Rebound by Rasheed Sulaimon  6.3%
    04:45   6.3%Foul by Joey van Zegeren (P3/T10)
    04:45Good Free Throw by Seth Curry (12)33-17DU +167.5%
    04:45Good Free Throw by Seth Curry (13)34-17DU +178.7%
    04:45Sub In Alex Murphy  8.7%
    04:45Sub Out Rasheed Sulaimon  8.7%
    04:45   8.7%Sub In Will Johnston
    04:45   8.7%Sub In Cadarian Raines
    04:45   8.7%Sub Out Jarell Eddie
    04:45   8.7%Sub Out Joey van Zegeren
    04:34   8.8%Missed Jumper by Erick Green
    04:34Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  8.8%
    04:09Good 3-Pointer by Seth Curry (16)37-17DU +2013.3%
    04:09Assisted by Mason Plumlee  13.3%
    03:46 37-19DU +1811.9%Good Jumper by Cadarian Raines (4) [Paint]
    03:29Missed Jumper by Seth Curry  12.0%
    03:29   12.0%Defensive Rebound by Cadarian Raines
    03:18Foul by Seth Curry (P1/T9)  12.0%
    03:18Media Timeout
    03:18 37-20DU +1710.5%Good Free Throw by Robert Brown (1)
    03:18 37-21DU +169.1%Good Free Throw by Robert Brown (2)
    03:18Sub In Rasheed Sulaimon  9.1%
    03:18Sub Out Alex Murphy  9.1%
    03:18   9.1%Sub In Jarell Eddie
    03:18   9.1%Sub In Marquis Rankin
    03:18   9.1%Sub Out Robert Brown
    03:18   9.1%Sub Out Will Johnston
    03:07   9.2%Foul by Cadarian Raines (P2/T11)
    03:07Good Free Throw by Mason Plumlee (5)38-21DU +1710.6%
    03:07Good Free Throw by Mason Plumlee (6)39-21DU +1812.1%
    02:44 39-23DU +169.3%Good Layup by Cadarian Raines (6) [Paint]
    02:28Good Layup by Amile Jefferson (2) [Paint]41-23DU +1810.8%
    01:49   12.6%Turnover by Erick Green
    01:47Steal by Rasheed Sulaimon  12.6%
    01:46Good Dunk by Rasheed Sulaimon (5) [Paint/Fast Break]43-23DU +2014.3%
    01:46Assisted by Tyler Thornton  14.3%
    01:20 43-25DU +1812.8%Good Layup by Erick Green (10) [Paint]
    01:20   12.8%Assisted by Cadarian Raines
    01:20Foul by Amile Jefferson (P1/T10)  12.8%
    01:20 43-26DU +1711.2%Good Free Throw by Erick Green (11)
    01:06Missed Layup by Seth Curry  11.3%
    01:06   11.3%Shot Blocked by Jarell Eddie
    01:04Offensive Rebound by Seth Curry  9.8%
    01:03Good 3-Pointer by Seth Curry (19)46-26DU +2014.6%
    01:01Foul by Seth Curry (P2/T11)  14.6%
    01:01Technical Foul by Seth Curry  14.6%
    01:01 46-27DU +1912.9%Good Free Throw by Erick Green (12)
    01:01 46-28DU +1811.3%Good Free Throw by Erick Green (13)
    01:01Sub In Alex Murphy  11.3%
    01:01Sub Out Seth Curry  11.3%
    00:45   11.4%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    00:45Defensive Rebound by Amile Jefferson  11.4%
    00:43   11.4%Foul by Marshall Wood (P2/T12)
    00:43Good Free Throw by Amile Jefferson (3)47-28DU +1913.0%
    00:43Good Free Throw by Amile Jefferson (4)48-28DU +2014.8%
    00:16   15.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Marshall Wood
    00:16Defensive Rebound by Tyler Thornton  15.0%
    00:13Duke 30 Second Timeout
    00:13Sub In Seth Curry  15.0%
    00:13Sub Out Alex Murphy  15.0%
    00:02Missed Jumper by Seth Curry  15.1%
    00:02   15.1%Shot Blocked by Erick Green
    00:00   15.1%Defensive Rebound by Jarell Eddie
    2nd Half
    TimeDukeScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    19:44Missed Jumper by Mason Plumlee  11.4%
    19:44Offensive Rebound by Team  11.4%
    19:40   11.4%Foul by Erick Green (P1/T13)
    19:21Good Layup by Josh Hairston (8) [Paint]50-28DU +2214.5%
    18:53   14.7%Missed Jumper by Cadarian Raines
    18:53Defensive Rebound by Rasheed Sulaimon  14.7%
    18:24Good Jumper by Quinn Cook (7)52-28DU +2418.2%
    18:07 52-30DU +2216.6%Good Jumper by Erick Green (15)
    17:51Missed Jumper by Josh Hairston  16.7%
    17:51   16.7%Defensive Rebound by Jarell Eddie
    17:42   16.8%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    17:42Defensive Rebound by Quinn Cook  16.8%
    17:27Good 3-Pointer by Rasheed Sulaimon (8)55-30DU +2520.6%
    17:27Assisted by Mason Plumlee  20.6%
    17:05 55-32DU +2318.9%Good Jumper by Erick Green (17)
    16:27Missed 3-Pointer by Quinn Cook  19.2%
    16:27   19.2%Defensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    16:13 55-34DU +2115.8%Good Layup by C.J. Barksdale (4) [Paint]
    16:13   15.8%Assisted by Erick Green
    15:37Missed Layup by Quinn Cook  16.0%
    15:37   16.0%Shot Blocked by C.J. Barksdale
    15:36Offensive Rebound by Team  14.3%
    15:36Media Timeout
    15:36Sub In Tyler Thornton  14.3%
    15:36Sub Out Quinn Cook  14.3%
    15:36   14.3%Sub In Joey van Zegeren
    15:36   14.3%Sub In Marshall Wood
    15:36   14.3%Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    15:36   14.3%Sub Out C.J. Barksdale
    15:34Good Layup by Rasheed Sulaimon (10) [Paint]57-34DU +2317.8%
    15:34Assisted by Tyler Thornton  17.8%
    15:16   19.9%Turnover by Erick Green
    15:16   19.9%Sub In Cadarian Raines
    15:16   19.9%Sub Out Joey van Zegeren
    14:55Good Jumper by Mason Plumlee (8) [Paint]59-34DU +2522.1%
    14:47Foul by Mason Plumlee (P2/T12)  22.1%
    14:47Sub In Amile Jefferson  22.1%
    14:47Sub Out Josh Hairston  22.1%
    14:38   24.4%Turnover by Marquis Rankin
    14:24Missed Jumper by Rasheed Sulaimon  24.5%
    14:24   24.5%Defensive Rebound by Jarell Eddie
    14:08   24.7%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    14:08Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  24.7%
    13:42Good 3-Pointer by Tyler Thornton (6)62-34DU +2829.7%
    13:42Assisted by Rasheed Sulaimon  29.7%
    13:37Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    13:37   29.8%Sub In Will Johnston
    13:37   29.8%Sub In Robert Brown
    13:37   29.8%Sub Out Marquis Rankin
    13:37   29.8%Sub Out Jarell Eddie
    13:19 62-36DU +2627.6%Good Dunk by Cadarian Raines (8) [Paint]
    13:19   27.6%Assisted by Erick Green
    12:54   28.0%Foul by Cadarian Raines (P3/T14)
    12:54Sub In Josh Hairston  28.0%
    12:54Sub Out Amile Jefferson  28.0%
    12:54   28.0%Sub In Marquis Rankin
    12:54   28.0%Sub Out Erick Green
    12:51   28.0%Foul by Marquis Rankin (P3/T15)
    12:37Good Jumper by Seth Curry (21)64-36DU +2830.7%
    12:00   31.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Robert Brown
    12:00Defensive Rebound by Josh Hairston  31.3%
    11:43Missed Layup by Seth Curry  31.5%
    11:43Offensive Rebound by Seth Curry  31.5%
    11:39Missed Jumper by Seth Curry  31.6%
    11:39   31.6%Defensive Rebound by Cadarian Raines
    11:21   34.6%Turnover by Marshall Wood
    11:20Steal by Seth Curry  34.6%
    11:19   34.6%Foul by Marshall Wood (P3/T16)
    11:19Media Timeout
    11:19Good Free Throw by Seth Curry (22) [Fast Break]65-36DU +2937.4%
    11:19Missed Free Throw by Seth Curry  37.4%
    11:19   37.4%Defensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    11:19Sub In Alex Murphy  37.4%
    11:19Sub Out Rasheed Sulaimon  37.4%
    11:19   37.4%Sub In Erick Green
    11:19   37.4%Sub In C.J. Barksdale
    11:19   37.4%Sub Out Marshall Wood
    11:19   37.4%Sub Out Robert Brown
    11:15Sub In Quinn Cook  37.5%
    11:15Sub Out Seth Curry  37.5%
    10:58   37.8%Missed Jumper by Erick Green
    10:58   37.8%Offensive Rebound by Cadarian Raines
    10:56   37.8%Missed Tip-In by Cadarian Raines
    10:56Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  37.8%
    10:42   38.1%Foul by Cadarian Raines (P4/T17)
    10:42Good Free Throw by Mason Plumlee (9)66-36DU +3041.1%
    10:42Good Free Throw by Mason Plumlee (10)67-36DU +3144.1%
    10:28 67-38DU +2938.4%Good Jumper by C.J. Barksdale (6)
    10:17   38.6%Sub In Joey van Zegeren
    10:17   38.6%Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    10:16   38.7%Foul by Joey van Zegeren (P4/T18)
    10:16Missed Free Throw by Josh Hairston  38.7%
    10:16Deadball Rebound Team  35.8%
    10:16Good Free Throw by Josh Hairston (9)68-38DU +3038.7%
    10:16Sub In Amile Jefferson  38.7%
    10:16Sub Out Josh Hairston  38.7%
    10:16   38.7%Sub In Marshall Wood
    10:16   38.7%Sub Out Joey van Zegeren
    09:59   39.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Will Johnston
    09:59   42.0%Offensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    09:56 68-40DU +2836.2%Good Jumper by C.J. Barksdale (8) [Paint]
    09:40Missed 3-Pointer by Alex Murphy  36.5%
    09:40   36.5%Defensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    09:35Foul by Tyler Thornton (P1/T13)  36.6%
    09:24 68-43DU +2528.7%Good 3-Pointer by Erick Green (20)
    08:51Turnover by Mason Plumlee  26.7%
    08:51Foul by Mason Plumlee (P3/T14)  26.7%
    08:51Sub In Josh Hairston  26.7%
    08:51Sub In Rasheed Sulaimon  26.7%
    08:51Sub In Seth Curry  26.7%
    08:51Sub Out Mason Plumlee  26.7%
    08:51Sub Out Alex Murphy  26.7%
    08:51Sub Out Tyler Thornton  26.7%
    08:41Foul by Josh Hairston (P3/T15)  26.9%
    08:41 68-44DU +2424.4%Good Free Throw by C.J. Barksdale (9)
    08:41 68-45DU +2322.1%Good Free Throw by C.J. Barksdale (10)
    08:24Missed 3-Pointer by Rasheed Sulaimon  22.3%
    08:24   22.3%Defensive Rebound by Erick Green
    08:17 68-47DU +2120.2%Good Layup by Erick Green (22) [Paint/Fast Break]
    07:57Missed Jumper by Seth Curry  20.4%
    07:57Offensive Rebound by Josh Hairston  18.3%
    07:56Good Tip-In by Josh Hairston (11) [Paint]70-47DU +2322.7%
    07:55Duke 30 Second Timeout
    07:55Sub In Mason Plumlee  22.7%
    07:55Sub In Tyler Thornton  22.7%
    07:55Sub Out Amile Jefferson  22.7%
    07:55Sub Out Quinn Cook  22.7%
    07:42Foul by Rasheed Sulaimon (P1/T16)  22.9%
    07:42Media Timeout
    07:40   25.3%Turnover by Marshall Wood
    07:25Good Dunk by Mason Plumlee (12) [Paint]72-47DU +2528.1%
    07:10 72-49DU +2325.8%Good Jumper by C.J. Barksdale (12)
    07:10   25.8%Assisted by Erick Green
    06:50Missed Jumper by Josh Hairston  26.1%
    06:50   26.1%Defensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    06:39   26.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Erick Green
    06:39Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  26.3%
    06:14   26.7%Foul by C.J. Barksdale (P2/T19)
    06:14Missed Free Throw by Mason Plumlee  26.7%
    06:14Deadball Rebound Team  24.2%
    06:14Good Free Throw by Mason Plumlee (13)73-49DU +2426.7%
    06:14   26.7%Sub In Jarell Eddie
    06:14   26.7%Sub In Cadarian Raines
    06:14   26.7%Sub In Robert Brown
    06:14   26.7%Sub Out Marquis Rankin
    06:14   26.7%Sub Out Erick Green
    06:14   26.7%Sub Out C.J. Barksdale
    05:55   27.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Jarell Eddie
    05:55Defensive Rebound by Mason Plumlee  27.0%
    05:36Good 3-Pointer by Rasheed Sulaimon (13)76-49DU +2736.0%
    05:36Assisted by Tyler Thornton  36.0%
    05:15 76-51DU +2533.4%Good Layup by Cadarian Raines (10) [Paint]
    04:43Good Layup by Rasheed Sulaimon (15) [Paint]78-51DU +2737.2%
    04:14   38.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Marshall Wood
    04:14Defensive Rebound by Josh Hairston  38.0%
    03:57Good Layup by Rasheed Sulaimon (17) [Paint]80-51DU +2945.3%
    03:57Assisted by Mason Plumlee  45.3%
    03:29   49.8%Turnover by Cadarian Raines
    03:29Steal by Rasheed Sulaimon  49.8%
    03:29Media Timeout
    03:29Sub In Alex Murphy  49.8%
    03:29Sub In Quinn Cook  49.8%
    03:29Sub In Marshall Plumlee  49.8%
    03:29Sub In Amile Jefferson  49.8%
    03:29Sub Out Josh Hairston  49.8%
    03:29Sub Out Rasheed Sulaimon  49.8%
    03:29Sub Out Mason Plumlee  49.8%
    03:29Sub Out Seth Curry  49.8%
    03:29   49.8%Sub In C.J. Barksdale
    03:29   49.8%Sub Out Will Johnston
    03:18Good Layup by Alex Murphy (2) [Paint]82-51DU +3154.1%
    03:18   54.1%Foul by Jarell Eddie (P1/T20)
    03:18Good Free Throw by Alex Murphy (3)83-51DU +3258.1%
    03:18   58.1%Sub In Erick Green
    03:18   58.1%Sub Out Cadarian Raines
    02:55   59.1%Missed Layup by Jarell Eddie
    02:55   63.3%Offensive Rebound by C.J. Barksdale
    02:52 83-53DU +3055.1%Good Tip-In by C.J. Barksdale (14) [Paint]
    02:32Good 3-Pointer by Alex Murphy (6)86-53DU +3364.4%
    02:32Assisted by Tyler Thornton  64.4%
    02:18   69.5%Turnover by Robert Brown
    02:18   69.5%Sub In Marcus Patrick
    02:18   69.5%Sub In Christian Beyer
    02:18   69.5%Sub Out Erick Green
    02:18   69.5%Sub Out C.J. Barksdale
    01:51Turnover by Quinn Cook  66.4%
    01:50   66.4%Steal by Robert Brown
    01:47 86-55DU +3162.1%Good Layup by Jarell Eddie (4) [Paint/Fast Break]
    01:47   62.1%Assisted by Robert Brown
    01:47Foul by Alex Murphy (P2/T17)  62.1%
    01:47 86-56DU +3057.9%Good Free Throw by Jarell Eddie (5) [Fast Break]
    01:47   57.9%Sub In Joey Racer
    01:47   57.9%Sub In Greg Donlon
    01:47   57.9%Sub Out Jarell Eddie
    01:47   57.9%Sub Out Robert Brown
    01:34   58.4%Foul by Greg Donlon (P1/T21)
    01:34Missed Free Throw by Marshall Plumlee  58.4%
    01:34Deadball Rebound Team  54.3%
    01:34Missed Free Throw by Marshall Plumlee  54.3%
    01:34Offensive Rebound by Amile Jefferson  54.3%
    01:34Sub In Todd Zafirovski  54.3%
    01:34Sub Out Quinn Cook  54.3%
    01:29Missed 3-Pointer by Tyler Thornton  54.5%
    01:29Offensive Rebound by Amile Jefferson  54.5%
    01:25Missed Layup by Amile Jefferson  54.6%
    01:25   54.6%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    01:09   55.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Marshall Wood
    01:09   59.6%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    00:58   60.1%Missed Jumper by Christian Beyer
    00:58Shot Blocked by Marshall Plumlee  60.1%
    00:56Defensive Rebound by Amile Jefferson  60.2%
    00:26Missed Jumper by Amile Jefferson  61.7%
    00:26   61.7%Defensive Rebound by Marshall Wood
    00:23   61.8%Turnover by Marshall Wood
    00:22Steal by Marshall Plumlee  61.9%
    00:20Missed Layup by Todd Zafirovski  62.0%
    00:20Offensive Rebound by Marshall Plumlee  57.6%
    00:19Missed Layup by Marshall Plumlee  57.6%
    00:19Offensive Rebound by Alex Murphy  57.6%
    00:18Good Layup by Alex Murphy (8) [Paint]88-56DU +3266.7%
    00:06Foul by Todd Zafirovski (P1/T18)  67.4%
    00:06   67.4%Missed Free Throw by Joey Racer
    00:06Defensive Rebound by Todd Zafirovski  67.4%