Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech (6-14, 2-5) 183048
Miami (17-3, 6-1) 423779
    January 23, 2012 - 7:00 PM
    BankUnited Center - Coral Gables, Fla.
  • Officials: Bonita Spence, Felicia Grinter, Tom Danaher
  • Attendance: 1,303
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Final Box Score

Virginia Tech 48
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
03 Aerial Wilsong5-130-35-6213415230328
13 Alyssa Fenyng0-50-31-233601230125
22 Porschia Hadleyc0-30-00-003330010231
31 Monet Tellierg6-171-85-6224418180237
43 LaTorri Hines-Allenf3-70-03-433649000029
02 Kerry Sarver0-30-10-00001000003
12 Rachel Nichols0-00-00-01010001003
21 Brittni Montgomery0-00-00-00112000007
23 Larryqua Hall0-30-12-211242020214
33 Kelsey Conyers1-41-20-011243020123
TEAM 628 2

  • Points Off TOs: 16
  • 2nd Chance Points: 17
  • Points in the Paint: 18
  • Fast Break Points: 7
  • Points off the Bench: 5
  • Largest Lead: -
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 0
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals 15-55 (27.3%)
    3-Point Field Goals 2-18 (11.1%)
    Free Throws 16-20 (80.0%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 1,0
    Miami 79
    Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
    03 Stefanie Yderstromg7-104-64-6033222310219
    12 Krystal Saundersg2-30-10-001114120124
    34 Sylvia Bullockf0-00-01-201131202115
    40 Shawnice Wilsonc5-80-02-6235112111122
    42 Shenise Johnsong7-122-52-2224118421627
    01 Riquna Williams0-20-24-400014000010
    10 Michelle Woods0-30-21-211231120322
    15 Tyler Hobgood1-10-00-01230200103
    23 Shanel Williams1-30-02-401114010114
    24 Jessica Capers2-20-01-531415010115
    33 Suriya McGuire0-20-00-200020120015
    50 Maria Brown1-20-04-602206212014
    TEAM 3710

  • Points Off TOs: 29
  • 2nd Chance Points: 12
  • Points in the Paint: 30
  • Fast Break Points: 11
  • Points off the Bench: 22
  • Largest Lead: 32 - 2nd-05:22
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 0
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals 26-48 (54.2%)
    3-Point Field Goals 6-16 (37.5%)
    Free Throws 21-39 (53.8%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 11,0
    1st Half
    TimeVirginia TechScoreMarginLead SafeMiami
    19:36 0-2UM +2 Good Layup by Shawnice Wilson (2) [Paint]
    19:36    Assisted by Stefanie Yderstrom
    19:18Missed 3-Pointer by Alyssa Fenyn   
    19:18    Defensive Rebound by Stefanie Yderstrom
    19:10    Missed 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom
    19:10Defensive Rebound by Porschia Hadley   
    18:51    Foul by Stefanie Yderstrom (P1/T1)
    18:51Good Free Throw by Monet Tellier (1)1-2UM +1 
    18:51Missed Free Throw by Monet Tellier   
    18:51    Defensive Rebound by Sylvia Bullock
    18:38Foul by LaTorri Hines-Allen (P1/T1)   
    18:29    Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson
    18:29    Offensive Rebound by Shawnice Wilson
    18:26    Missed Layup by Shawnice Wilson
    18:26Defensive Rebound by Team   
    18:25Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn   
    18:24    Steal by Stefanie Yderstrom
    18:22    Missed Layup by Stefanie Yderstrom
    18:22    Offensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson
    18:20 1-4UM +3 Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (2) [Paint]
    18:13Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    18:13Sub In Kelsey Conyers   
    18:13Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn   
    18:04Turnover by Aerial Wilson  0.0%
    18:04   0.0%Steal by Shawnice Wilson
    17:51 1-7UM +60.2%Good 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom (3)
    17:51   0.2%Assisted by Krystal Saunders
    17:35Turnover by Aerial Wilson  0.4%
    17:34   0.4%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    17:31 1-9UM +80.7%Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (4) [Paint]
    17:04Sub In Brittni Montgomery  0.7%
    17:04Sub Out LaTorri Hines-Allen  0.7%
    17:03Turnover by Kelsey Conyers  1.1%
    17:03   1.1%Steal by Sylvia Bullock
    17:03Foul by Aerial Wilson (P1/T2)  1.1%
    16:46Foul by Kelsey Conyers (P1/T3)  1.1%
    16:46 1-10UM +91.5%Good Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom (4)
    16:46   1.5%Missed Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom
    16:46Defensive Rebound by Porschia Hadley  1.5%
    16:36Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  1.5%
    16:36   1.5%Defensive Rebound by Krystal Saunders
    16:29 1-13UM +122.6%Good 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson (7)
    16:29   2.6%Assisted by Stefanie Yderstrom
    16:26Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    16:08Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  2.6%
    16:08Sub Out Aerial Wilson  2.6%
    16:06Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  2.6%
    16:06   2.6%Defensive Rebound by Stefanie Yderstrom
    15:50 1-15UM +144.0%Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (9) [Paint]
    15:45Media Timeout
    15:45Sub In Aerial Wilson  4.0%
    15:45Sub In LaTorri Hines-Allen  4.0%
    15:45Sub Out Kelsey Conyers  4.0%
    15:45Sub Out Porschia Hadley  4.0%
    15:38Missed Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen  4.0%
    15:38   4.0%Shot Blocked by Shawnice Wilson
    15:38Offensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  4.8%
    15:35Good Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen (2)3-15UM +123.3%
    15:24   3.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Krystal Saunders
    15:24Defensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  3.3%
    15:02Turnover by Monet Tellier  3.3%
    15:02   3.3%Sub In Jessica Capers
    15:02   3.3%Sub In Maria Brown
    15:02   3.3%Sub Out Sylvia Bullock
    15:02   3.3%Sub Out Shawnice Wilson
    14:49 3-17UM +144.1%Good Layup by Jessica Capers (2) [Paint]
    14:49   4.1%Assisted by Stefanie Yderstrom
    14:32Turnover by Monet Tellier  4.9%
    14:32   4.9%Sub In Michelle Woods
    14:32   4.9%Sub Out Krystal Saunders
    14:10   5.0%Missed Jumper by Maria Brown
    14:10   4.2%Offensive Rebound by Michelle Woods
    14:04   4.2%Missed 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson
    14:04Defensive Rebound by Brittni Montgomery  4.2%
    13:50Good Jumper by Monet Tellier (3)5-17UM +123.4%
    13:39   3.4%Missed Jumper by Michelle Woods
    13:39   2.8%Offensive Rebound by Jessica Capers
    13:35Foul by Brittni Montgomery (P1/T4)  2.8%
    13:35   2.8%Missed Free Throw by Jessica Capers
    13:35   2.8%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    13:35 5-18UM +133.5%Good Free Throw by Jessica Capers (3)
    13:35Sub In Kelsey Conyers  3.5%
    13:35Sub Out Aerial Wilson  3.5%
    13:06Turnover by Team  4.3%
    13:06   4.3%Sub In Suriya McGuire
    13:06   4.3%Sub Out Stefanie Yderstrom
    12:52   4.3%Missed Layup by Suriya McGuire
    12:52Defensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  4.3%
    12:27Turnover by Monet Tellier  4.3%
    12:26   4.3%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    12:23 5-20UM +155.2%Good Jumper by Shenise Johnson (11) [Fast Break]
    12:09Turnover by Monet Tellier  6.2%
    12:09   6.2%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    12:09Foul by Monet Tellier (P1/T5)  6.2%
    12:09Virginia Tech Full Timeout
    11:47Foul by Brittni Montgomery (P2/T6)  6.2%
    11:47 5-21UM +167.3%Good Free Throw by Maria Brown (1)
    11:47 5-22UM +178.4%Good Free Throw by Maria Brown (2)
    11:47Sub In Aerial Wilson  8.4%
    11:47Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  8.4%
    11:39   8.4%Sub In Shanel Williams
    11:39   8.4%Sub In Stefanie Yderstrom
    11:39   8.4%Sub Out Michelle Woods
    11:39   8.4%Sub Out Shenise Johnson
    11:31Missed Jumper by Aerial Wilson  8.4%
    11:31   8.4%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    11:21Foul by Aerial Wilson (P2/T7)  8.5%
    11:21   8.5%Missed Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom
    11:21   7.3%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    11:21 5-23UM +188.5%Good Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom (5)
    10:57Missed Layup by Kelsey Conyers  8.6%
    10:57   8.6%Shot Blocked by Maria Brown
    10:57Offensive Rebound by Team  9.8%
    10:57   9.8%Sub In Sylvia Bullock
    10:57   9.8%Sub In Shawnice Wilson
    10:57   9.8%Sub Out Jessica Capers
    10:57   9.8%Sub Out Maria Brown
    10:54Turnover by Kelsey Conyers  9.8%
    10:53   9.8%Steal by Stefanie Yderstrom
    10:49   9.8%Missed Jumper by Shawnice Wilson
    10:49Defensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  9.8%
    10:45   9.8%Foul by Sylvia Bullock (P1/T2)
    10:45Sub In Porschia Hadley  9.8%
    10:45Sub Out Brittni Montgomery  9.8%
    10:45   9.8%Sub In Riquna Williams
    10:45   9.8%Sub Out Suriya McGuire
    10:44Missed Jumper by Aerial Wilson  9.8%
    10:44   9.8%Shot Blocked by Sylvia Bullock
    10:42Offensive Rebound by Aerial Wilson  9.8%
    10:22   9.9%Foul by Stefanie Yderstrom (P2/T3)
    10:22Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  9.9%
    10:22Sub Out Kelsey Conyers  9.9%
    10:22   9.9%Sub In Shenise Johnson
    10:22   9.9%Sub Out Stefanie Yderstrom
    10:18   9.9%Foul by Shanel Williams (P1/T4)
    10:18Good Jumper by Monet Tellier (5) [Paint]7-23UM +167.5%
    09:45   7.6%Missed 3-Pointer by Riquna Williams
    09:45Defensive Rebound by Team  7.6%
    09:32Good Layup by Monet Tellier (7) [Paint]9-23UM +145.6%
    09:32Assisted by Aerial Wilson  5.6%
    09:24Foul by LaTorri Hines-Allen (P2/T8)  5.6%
    09:24 9-24UM +156.6%Good Free Throw by Riquna Williams (1)
    09:24 9-25UM +167.7%Good Free Throw by Riquna Williams (2)
    09:24Sub In Larryqua Hall  7.7%
    09:24Sub Out LaTorri Hines-Allen  7.7%
    09:01Missed Jumper by Porschia Hadley  7.8%
    09:01   7.8%Defensive Rebound by Shawnice Wilson
    08:43 9-27UM +189.1%Good Jumper by Shawnice Wilson (4)
    08:43   9.1%Assisted by Sylvia Bullock
    08:21   9.1%Foul by Sylvia Bullock (P2/T5)
    08:21Good Free Throw by Monet Tellier (8)10-27UM +177.9%
    08:21Good Free Throw by Monet Tellier (9)11-27UM +166.8%
    08:21   6.8%Sub In Maria Brown
    08:21   6.8%Sub Out Sylvia Bullock
    08:06 11-30UM +1910.5%Good 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson (14)
    08:06   10.5%Assisted by Maria Brown
    07:46Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  10.6%
    07:46Offensive Rebound by Team  12.0%
    07:44Media Timeout
    07:44Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  12.0%
    07:44Offensive Rebound by Aerial Wilson  12.0%
    07:44Sub In LaTorri Hines-Allen  12.0%
    07:44Sub Out Aerial Wilson  12.0%
    07:44Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  12.0%
    07:44Sub Out Larryqua Hall  12.0%
    07:44   12.0%Sub In Krystal Saunders
    07:44   12.0%Sub Out Maria Brown
    07:23Missed 3-Pointer by Alyssa Fenyn  12.1%
    07:23   12.1%Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson
    06:58Foul by Aerial Wilson (P3/T9)  12.3%
    06:58   12.3%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Williams
    06:58   10.8%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    06:58 11-31UM +2012.3%Good Free Throw by Shanel Williams (1)
    06:58Sub In Kelsey Conyers  12.3%
    06:58Sub In Brittni Montgomery  12.3%
    06:58Sub Out Porschia Hadley  12.3%
    06:43Missed Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen  12.4%
    06:43   12.4%Defensive Rebound by Stefanie Yderstrom
    06:32Foul by LaTorri Hines-Allen (P3/T10)  12.4%
    06:32   12.4%Missed Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson
    06:32   12.4%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    06:32 11-32UM +2114.0%Good Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson (5)
    06:32Sub In Porschia Hadley  14.0%
    06:32Sub Out Brittni Montgomery  14.0%
    06:32   14.0%Sub In Michelle Woods
    06:32   14.0%Sub Out Shanel Williams
    06:16Missed 3-Pointer by Kelsey Conyers  14.1%
    06:16   14.1%Defensive Rebound by Shawnice Wilson
    06:03 11-34UM +2317.6%Good Jumper by Krystal Saunders (2)
    06:03   17.6%Assisted by Shenise Johnson
    05:38Turnover by Monet Tellier  19.7%
    05:37   19.7%Steal by Krystal Saunders
    05:36Foul by Kelsey Conyers (P2/T11)  19.7%
    05:36 11-35UM +2421.6%Good Free Throw by Riquna Williams (3) [Fast Break]
    05:36 11-36UM +2523.7%Good Free Throw by Riquna Williams (4) [Fast Break]
    05:36   23.7%Sub In Maria Brown
    05:36   23.7%Sub In Suriya McGuire
    05:36   23.7%Sub Out Shawnice Wilson
    05:36   23.7%Sub Out Riquna Williams
    05:11Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  24.0%
    05:11   24.0%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    04:53 11-38UM +2726.4%Good Layup by Maria Brown (4) [Paint]
    04:53   26.4%Assisted by Suriya McGuire
    04:31Missed Jumper by Porschia Hadley  26.7%
    04:31Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  29.0%
    04:20   29.1%Sub In Jessica Capers
    04:20   29.1%Sub Out Shenise Johnson
    04:11Missed 3-Pointer by Alyssa Fenyn  29.3%
    04:11Offensive Rebound by Kelsey Conyers  29.3%
    04:07Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  29.3%
    04:07   29.3%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    03:42Media Timeout
    03:42Sub In Aerial Wilson  29.7%
    03:42Sub Out Kelsey Conyers  29.7%
    03:37   29.8%Missed 3-Pointer by Michelle Woods
    03:37Defensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  29.8%
    03:26   29.9%Foul by Suriya McGuire (P1/T6)
    03:26Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (1)12-38UM +2627.5%
    03:26Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (2)13-38UM +2525.2%
    03:01 13-40UM +2727.9%Good Jumper by Krystal Saunders (4)
    03:01   27.9%Assisted by Michelle Woods
    02:32Missed 3-Pointer by Aerial Wilson  28.3%
    02:32   28.3%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    02:15   28.5%Turnover by Suriya McGuire
    02:13Steal by Porschia Hadley  28.6%
    02:07Turnover by Monet Tellier  31.1%
    02:05   31.2%Steal by Michelle Woods
    01:41   31.6%Missed Jumper by Suriya McGuire
    01:41Defensive Rebound by Aerial Wilson  31.6%
    01:32   31.7%Foul by Michelle Woods (P1/T7)
    01:32Good Free Throw by Alyssa Fenyn (1) [Fast Break]14-40UM +2629.2%
    01:32Missed Free Throw by Alyssa Fenyn  29.2%
    01:32Offensive Rebound by Team  29.2%
    01:32   29.2%Sub In Shanel Williams
    01:32   29.2%Sub In Shenise Johnson
    01:32   29.2%Sub In Riquna Williams
    01:32   29.2%Sub In Shawnice Wilson
    01:32   29.2%Sub Out Michelle Woods
    01:32   29.2%Sub Out Krystal Saunders
    01:32   29.2%Sub Out Suriya McGuire
    01:32   29.2%Sub Out Jessica Capers
    01:17Good Jumper by Aerial Wilson (4) [Paint]16-40UM +2424.6%
    01:03   22.6%Turnover by Maria Brown
    01:02Steal by Aerial Wilson  22.6%
    00:59Good Layup by Aerial Wilson (6) [Paint/Fast Break]18-40UM +2220.5%
    00:48   18.5%Turnover by Shawnice Wilson
    00:46Steal by Aerial Wilson  18.5%
    00:44Missed Layup by Aerial Wilson  18.6%
    00:44   18.6%Shot Blocked by Shenise Johnson
    00:44Offensive Rebound by Team  20.6%
    00:41Missed Jumper by Monet Tellier  20.7%
    00:41   20.7%Defensive Rebound by Maria Brown
    00:29   20.8%Missed Layup by Shawnice Wilson
    00:29   18.7%Offensive Rebound by Shawnice Wilson
    00:26 18-42UM +2423.0%Good Jumper by Shawnice Wilson (7) [Paint]
    00:06Missed Layup by Aerial Wilson  23.3%
    00:06   23.3%Defensive Rebound by Maria Brown
    00:00   23.3%Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson
    00:00   23.3%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    2nd Half
    TimeVirginia TechScoreMarginLead SafeMiami
    19:50Foul by Porschia Hadley (P1/T12)  17.6%
    19:50 18-43UM +2519.3%Good Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson (8)
    19:50   19.3%Missed Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson
    19:50   19.3%Offensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson
    19:40 18-45UM +2723.2%Good Layup by Stefanie Yderstrom (7) [Paint]
    19:35Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    19:08Missed Jumper by Monet Tellier  23.5%
    19:08   23.5%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    18:47 18-47UM +2927.9%Good Jumper by Stefanie Yderstrom (9)
    18:13Turnover by Porschia Hadley  30.6%
    18:12   30.6%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    18:07   28.4%Turnover by Shenise Johnson
    18:06Steal by Alyssa Fenyn  28.4%
    17:54Missed Jumper by Monet Tellier  28.6%
    17:54Offensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  30.9%
    17:48Good 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier (12)21-47UM +2624.3%
    17:48Assisted by Aerial Wilson  24.3%
    17:24 21-49UM +2826.7%Good Layup by Shawnice Wilson (10) [Paint]
    17:24   26.7%Assisted by Sylvia Bullock
    16:56   27.1%Foul by Sylvia Bullock (P3/T8)
    16:56Missed Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen  27.1%
    16:56   27.1%Defensive Rebound by Shawnice Wilson
    16:41   27.3%Turnover by Krystal Saunders
    16:40Steal by Porschia Hadley  27.3%
    16:27   27.4%Foul by Shawnice Wilson (P1/T9)
    16:27Good Free Throw by LaTorri Hines-Allen (3)22-49UM +2725.3%
    16:27Good Free Throw by LaTorri Hines-Allen (4)23-49UM +2623.1%
    16:27   23.1%Sub In Maria Brown
    16:27   23.1%Sub Out Sylvia Bullock
    16:10 23-51UM +2827.7%Good Layup by Shawnice Wilson (12) [Paint]
    16:10   27.7%Assisted by Maria Brown
    15:39Good Jumper by Aerial Wilson (8) [Paint]25-51UM +2625.8%
    15:30   25.9%Missed 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom
    15:30Defensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  25.9%
    15:18Missed 3-Pointer by Aerial Wilson  26.1%
    15:18Offensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  26.1%
    15:12Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn  26.1%
    15:10   26.2%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    15:08Foul by Monet Tellier (P2/T13)  26.2%
    15:08Media Timeout
    15:08 25-52UM +2728.5%Good Free Throw by Shenise Johnson (15) [Fast Break]
    15:08 25-53UM +2830.8%Good Free Throw by Shenise Johnson (16) [Fast Break]
    15:08Sub In Kelsey Conyers  30.8%
    15:08Sub In Larryqua Hall  30.8%
    15:08Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  30.8%
    15:08Sub Out LaTorri Hines-Allen  30.8%
    15:08   30.8%Sub In Michelle Woods
    15:08   30.8%Sub In Jessica Capers
    15:08   30.8%Sub Out Krystal Saunders
    15:08   30.8%Sub Out Maria Brown
    14:54   31.1%Foul by Jessica Capers (P1/T10)
    14:33Missed Jumper by Porschia Hadley  31.4%
    14:33   31.4%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    14:22   31.5%Missed 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson
    14:22   29.1%Offensive Rebound by Jessica Capers
    14:12 25-55UM +3034.2%Good Layup by Jessica Capers (5) [Paint]
    14:12   34.2%Assisted by Shenise Johnson
    13:51Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  34.6%
    13:51   34.6%Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson
    13:42   34.7%Turnover by Shenise Johnson
    13:41Steal by Monet Tellier  34.7%
    13:38Good Jumper by Aerial Wilson (10) [Paint/Fast Break]27-55UM +2832.2%
    13:22 27-58UM +3137.8%Good 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom (12)
    13:22   37.8%Assisted by Shenise Johnson
    12:53Foul by Larryqua Hall (P1/T14)  38.3%
    12:53Turnover by Larryqua Hall  41.2%
    12:53   41.2%Missed 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson
    12:53Defensive Rebound by Monet Tellier  41.2%
    12:53Sub In LaTorri Hines-Allen  41.2%
    12:53Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  41.2%
    12:53Sub Out Aerial Wilson  41.2%
    12:53Sub Out Porschia Hadley  41.2%
    12:53   41.2%Sub In Shanel Williams
    12:53   41.2%Sub In Sylvia Bullock
    12:53   41.2%Sub Out Stefanie Yderstrom
    12:53   41.2%Sub Out Jessica Capers
    12:53   41.2%Sub Out Shawnice Wilson
    12:20Missed Jumper by Monet Tellier  41.9%
    12:20Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  41.9%
    12:17Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  41.9%
    12:17Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  41.9%
    12:14   42.0%Sub In Riquna Williams
    12:14   42.0%Sub In Suriya McGuire
    12:14   42.0%Sub Out Shenise Johnson
    12:07Good Layup by LaTorri Hines-Allen (6) [Paint]29-58UM +2936.4%
    12:07Assisted by Alyssa Fenyn  36.4%
    11:52   34.0%Turnover by Michelle Woods
    11:52Steal by Larryqua Hall  34.0%
    11:36Good Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen (8)31-58UM +2731.7%
    11:36Assisted by Alyssa Fenyn  31.7%
    11:20Miami 30 Second Timeout
    11:11Foul by Kelsey Conyers (P3/T15)  32.1%
    11:11Media Timeout
    11:07Foul by Larryqua Hall (P2/T16)  32.2%
    10:56   32.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Riquna Williams
    10:56   29.8%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    10:34   30.1%Turnover by Shanel Williams
    10:34   30.1%Sub In Krystal Saunders
    10:34   30.1%Sub Out Michelle Woods
    10:07   30.6%Foul by Krystal Saunders (P1/T11)
    09:54   30.8%Foul by Riquna Williams (P1/T12)
    09:54Missed Free Throw by LaTorri Hines-Allen  30.8%
    09:54Deadball Rebound Team  33.5%
    09:54Good Free Throw by LaTorri Hines-Allen (9)32-58UM +2630.8%
    09:44   28.4%Turnover by Krystal Saunders
    09:43Steal by Larryqua Hall  28.4%
    09:39Turnover by Monet Tellier  31.0%
    09:39Sub In Aerial Wilson  31.0%
    09:39Sub Out Monet Tellier  31.0%
    09:22   31.3%Missed Jumper by Shanel Williams
    09:22   28.7%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    09:22Foul by LaTorri Hines-Allen (P4/T17)  28.7%
    09:22   28.7%Missed Free Throw by Sylvia Bullock
    09:22   28.7%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    09:22 32-59UM +2731.3%Good Free Throw by Sylvia Bullock (1)
    09:02Missed Layup by Aerial Wilson  31.7%
    09:02   31.7%Shot Blocked by Sylvia Bullock
    09:00Offensive Rebound by Larryqua Hall  34.5%
    09:00   34.5%Foul by Suriya McGuire (P2/T13)
    09:00Good Free Throw by Larryqua Hall (1)33-59UM +2631.7%
    09:00Good Free Throw by Larryqua Hall (2)34-59UM +2529.1%
    09:00Sub In Porschia Hadley  29.1%
    09:00Sub In Monet Tellier  29.1%
    09:00Sub Out Kelsey Conyers  29.1%
    09:00Sub Out Larryqua Hall  29.1%
    09:00   29.1%Sub In Shenise Johnson
    09:00   29.1%Sub In Michelle Woods
    09:00   29.1%Sub In Jessica Capers
    09:00   29.1%Sub In Stefanie Yderstrom
    09:00   29.1%Sub In Shawnice Wilson
    09:00   29.1%Sub Out Riquna Williams
    09:00   29.1%Sub Out Shanel Williams
    09:00   29.1%Sub Out Sylvia Bullock
    09:00   29.1%Sub Out Krystal Saunders
    09:00   29.1%Sub Out Suriya McGuire
    08:46Foul by Monet Tellier (P3/T18)  29.3%
    08:46   29.3%Missed Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson
    08:46   26.8%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    08:46   26.8%Missed Free Throw by Shawnice Wilson
    08:46Defensive Rebound by LaTorri Hines-Allen  26.8%
    08:34Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn  29.5%
    08:33   29.6%Steal by Shenise Johnson
    08:31 34-61UM +2732.3%Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (18) [Paint]
    08:20   32.5%Foul by Michelle Woods (P2/T14)
    08:20Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (11)35-61UM +2629.8%
    08:20Missed Free Throw by Aerial Wilson  29.8%
    08:20   29.8%Defensive Rebound by Michelle Woods
    08:20Sub In Kelsey Conyers  29.8%
    08:20Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  29.8%
    08:01   30.1%Turnover by Jessica Capers
    07:40Good Layup by Monet Tellier (14) [Paint]37-61UM +2427.8%
    07:22 37-64UM +2733.6%Good 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom (15)
    07:22   33.6%Assisted by Shenise Johnson
    07:14Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    06:50Turnover by Team  37.3%
    06:49Media Timeout
    06:44 37-67UM +3043.8%Good 3-Pointer by Stefanie Yderstrom (18)
    06:44   43.8%Assisted by Shawnice Wilson
    06:16Missed Jumper by LaTorri Hines-Allen  44.6%
    06:16   44.6%Defensive Rebound by Jessica Capers
    06:05Foul by Porschia Hadley (P2/T19)  44.9%
    06:05   44.9%Missed Free Throw by Jessica Capers
    06:05Defensive Rebound by Larryqua Hall  44.9%
    06:05Sub In Larryqua Hall  44.9%
    06:05Sub Out LaTorri Hines-Allen  44.9%
    05:58   45.1%Foul by Shenise Johnson (P1/T15)
    05:58Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (12)38-67UM +2941.7%
    05:58Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (13)39-67UM +2838.5%
    05:58   38.5%Sub In Maria Brown
    05:58   38.5%Sub In Suriya McGuire
    05:58   38.5%Sub Out Shenise Johnson
    05:58   38.5%Sub Out Shawnice Wilson
    05:47   38.8%Turnover by Stefanie Yderstrom
    05:46Steal by Aerial Wilson  38.8%
    05:43Turnover by Aerial Wilson  42.1%
    05:42   42.2%Steal by Michelle Woods
    05:37 39-69UM +3045.7%Good Jumper by Stefanie Yderstrom (20) [Paint/Fast Break]
    05:24Missed 3-Pointer by Monet Tellier  46.1%
    05:24   46.1%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    05:22Foul by Kelsey Conyers (P4/T20)  46.1%
    05:22 39-70UM +3149.7%Good Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom (21)
    05:22 39-71UM +3253.4%Good Free Throw by Stefanie Yderstrom (22)
    05:22   53.4%Sub Out Stefanie Yderstrom
    05:06Missed Jumper by Kelsey Conyers  53.9%
    05:06Offensive Rebound by Monet Tellier  57.8%
    05:01Turnover by Monet Tellier  58.0%
    04:59   58.1%Steal by Jessica Capers
    04:55   58.2%Missed 3-Pointer by Michelle Woods
    04:55   54.3%Offensive Rebound by Jessica Capers
    04:51Foul by Aerial Wilson (P4/T21)  54.5%
    04:51   54.5%Missed Free Throw by Jessica Capers
    04:51   54.5%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    04:51   54.5%Missed Free Throw by Jessica Capers
    04:51Defensive Rebound by Porschia Hadley  54.5%
    04:34Missed Layup by Larryqua Hall  55.1%
    04:34   55.1%Shot Blocked by Maria Brown
    04:34Offensive Rebound by Team  59.0%
    04:29Good Jumper by Aerial Wilson (15)41-71UM +3051.5%
    04:07   48.5%Turnover by Michelle Woods
    04:06Steal by Monet Tellier  48.6%
    04:04   48.6%Foul by Michelle Woods (P3/T16)
    04:04Good Free Throw by Monet Tellier (15) [Fast Break]42-71UM +2945.0%
    04:04Good Free Throw by Monet Tellier (16) [Fast Break]43-71UM +2841.6%
    03:51Foul by Monet Tellier (P4/T22)  41.9%
    03:51Media Timeout
    03:51 43-72UM +2945.4%Good Free Throw by Maria Brown (5)
    03:51   45.4%Missed Free Throw by Maria Brown
    03:51Defensive Rebound by Monet Tellier  45.4%
    03:34Missed 3-Pointer by Aerial Wilson  46.0%
    03:34Offensive Rebound by Team  49.7%
    03:27Missed Jumper by Larryqua Hall  49.9%
    03:27Offensive Rebound by Monet Tellier  49.9%
    03:25Good Jumper by Monet Tellier (18) [Paint]45-72UM +2742.7%
    03:13Foul by Larryqua Hall (P3/T23)  43.1%
    03:13   43.1%Missed Free Throw by Maria Brown
    03:13   39.6%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    03:13 45-73UM +2843.1%Good Free Throw by Maria Brown (6)
    02:52Good 3-Pointer by Kelsey Conyers (3)48-73UM +2536.9%
    02:52Assisted by Monet Tellier  36.9%
    02:48Sub In Rachel Nichols  37.0%
    02:48Sub In Kerry Sarver  37.0%
    02:48Sub Out Aerial Wilson  37.0%
    02:48Sub Out Monet Tellier  37.0%
    02:48   37.0%Sub In Tyler Hobgood
    02:48   37.0%Sub In Shanel Williams
    02:48   37.0%Sub Out Maria Brown
    02:48   37.0%Sub Out Jessica Capers
    02:24   34.4%Turnover by Suriya McGuire
    02:21Steal by Kelsey Conyers  34.5%
    02:05Missed 3-Pointer by Larryqua Hall  34.9%
    02:05Offensive Rebound by Rachel Nichols  38.2%
    01:59Missed Jumper by Kerry Sarver  38.4%
    01:59   38.4%Defensive Rebound by Tyler Hobgood
    01:50   38.6%Missed Layup by Shanel Williams
    01:50   35.3%Offensive Rebound by Tyler Hobgood
    01:47 48-75UM +2742.3%Good Jumper by Tyler Hobgood (2) [Paint]
    01:29Missed 3-Pointer by Kerry Sarver  42.8%
    01:29   42.8%Defensive Rebound by Shanel Williams
    01:24Foul by Larryqua Hall (P4/T24)  43.0%
    01:24   43.0%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Williams
    01:24   43.0%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    01:24 48-76UM +2846.7%Good Free Throw by Shanel Williams (2)
    01:10Turnover by Rachel Nichols  51.2%
    01:09   51.2%Steal by Shanel Williams
    01:07 48-78UM +3055.4%Good Layup by Shanel Williams (4) [Paint/Fast Break]
    00:48Turnover by Larryqua Hall  60.6%
    00:46   60.7%Steal by Michelle Woods
    00:44Foul by Kerry Sarver (P1/T25)  60.8%
    00:44   60.8%Missed Free Throw by Michelle Woods
    00:44   56.5%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    00:44 48-79UM +3160.8%Good Free Throw by Michelle Woods (1) [Fast Break]
    00:23Missed Jumper by Kerry Sarver  61.8%
    00:23   61.8%Shot Blocked by Tyler Hobgood
    00:21   61.9%Defensive Rebound by Tyler Hobgood
    00:15Foul by Porschia Hadley (P3/T26)  62.2%
    00:15   62.2%Missed Free Throw by Suriya McGuire
    00:15   62.2%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    00:15   62.2%Missed Free Throw by Suriya McGuire
    00:15Defensive Rebound by Kelsey Conyers  62.2%