Wake Forest
Demon Deacons
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest (12-16, 3-11 ACC) 283260
Virginia Tech (20-8, 6-8 ACC) 353873
  • March 2, 2006 - 7:00 PM
  • the Greensboro Coliseum
  • Officials: Sally Bell, Joanne Aldridge, Tommy Salerno
  • Attendance: 0
  • Notes: -------
    Game 3 of the 2006 ACC Women's Tournament
    Virginia Tech advances to face #2-seed Duke on Friday at 7:00 pm
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Final Box Score

Wake Forest 60
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
4Liz Strunkf7-163-53-4246420130340
11Yolanda Lavenderg3-91-41-222428520129
13Cotelia Bond-Youngg3-92-60-013448320127
32Deirdre Naughtong6-141-50-0268113250239
33Corinne Grovesf2-60-01-303325040030
2Alex Tchangoue0-10-00-011230300025
34Melissa Washington2-40-02-220216012010
TEAM 213

  • Points Off TOs: 16
  • 2nd Chance Points: 9
  • Points in the Paint:
  • Fast Break Points:
  • Points off the Bench: 6
  • Largest Lead: 3 - 1st-18:24
  • Ties: 1
  • Leads: 1
  • Possessions: 70
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals 23-59 (39.0%)
    3-Point Field Goals 7-20 (35.0%)
    Free Throws 7-11 (63.6%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 3,0
    Virginia Tech 73
    Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
    5 Kirby Copelandg7-130-03-5257017441433
    23 Dawn Chrissf9-120-00-0516218011131
    24 Carrie Masong3-73-70-301119110134
    32 Kerri Gardinf5-140-03-411011413420331
    45 Megan Finnertyc3-70-00-011236400025
    11 Nare Diawara1-10-00-002202020113
    21 Brittany Cook1-30-10-001102000010
    22 Laura Haskins1-20-00-003302210012
    31 Amber Hall2-20-00-010114010011
    50 Roshana Jackson0-00-00-00000000000+
    TEAM 303

  • Points Off TOs: 27
  • 2nd Chance Points: 12
  • Points in the Paint:
  • Fast Break Points:
  • Points off the Bench: 10
  • Largest Lead: 13 - 2nd-00:34
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 1
  • Possessions: 66
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals 32-61 (52.5%)
    3-Point Field Goals 3-8 (37.5%)
    Free Throws 6-12 (50.0%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 2,1
    1st Half
    TimeWake ForestScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    19:45    Missed Layup by Megan Finnerty
    19:45Defensive Rebound by Liz Strunk   
    19:35Turnover by Yolanda Lavender   
    19:34    Steal by Kirby Copeland
    19:25 0-2VT +2 Good Layup by Kerri Gardin (2) [Paint]
    19:25    Assisted by Megan Finnerty
    19:07Good Layup by Corinne Groves (2) [Paint]2-2T 1 
    19:07Assisted by Yolanda Lavender   
    19:07    Foul by Megan Finnerty (P1/T1)
    19:07Good Free Throw by Corinne Groves (3)3-2WF +1 
    18:50    Missed Jumper by Kirby Copeland
    18:50Defensive Rebound by Corinne Groves   
    18:37Turnover by Deirdre Naughton   
    18:37    Sub In Nare Diawara
    18:37    Sub Out Megan Finnerty
    18:27    Turnover by Kirby Copeland
    18:27Steal by Liz Strunk   
    18:24    Foul by Kerri Gardin (P1/T2)
    18:24Good Free Throw by Liz Strunk (1)4-2WF +2 
    18:24Good Free Throw by Liz Strunk (2)5-2WF +30.0%
    18:12   0.0%Turnover by Nare Diawara
    18:12Steal by Liz Strunk  0.0%
    17:52Missed 3-Pointer by Deirdre Naughton  0.0%
    17:52   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    17:43   0.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason
    17:43   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    17:23 5-4WF +1 Good Layup by Kirby Copeland (2) [Paint]
    16:55Missed 3-Pointer by Yolanda Lavender   
    16:55    Defensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    16:49Foul by Cotelia Bond-Young (P1/T1)   
    16:49    Sub In Laura Haskins
    16:49    Sub Out Kirby Copeland
    16:48    Missed Layup by Kerri Gardin
    16:48Defensive Rebound by Corinne Groves   
    16:31Turnover by Deirdre Naughton   
    16:27    Missed Jumper by Kerri Gardin
    16:27    Offensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    16:24 5-6VT +1 Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (2) [Paint]
    16:05Missed Layup by Liz Strunk   
    16:05    Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    15:54 5-8VT +3 Good Jumper by Nare Diawara (2)
    15:54    Assisted by Laura Haskins
    15:27Good Jumper by Liz Strunk (4)7-8VT +1 
    15:20 7-10VT +3 Good Jumper by Laura Haskins (2)
    14:52Turnover by Deirdre Naughton  0.0%
    14:52   0.0%Steal by Kerri Gardin
    14:48   0.0%Missed Layup by Kerri Gardin
    14:48    Offensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    14:46 7-12VT +50.1%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (4) [Paint]
    14:17Turnover by Corinne Groves  0.2%
    14:12 7-14VT +70.5%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (6) [Paint/Fast Break]
    14:12   0.5%Assisted by Kerri Gardin
    14:10Wake Forest 30 Second Timeout
    14:02Good Layup by Corinne Groves (5) [Paint/Fast Break]9-14VT +50.2%
    14:02Assisted by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.2%
    13:53   0.2%Missed Layup by Kerri Gardin
    13:53Defensive Rebound by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.2%
    13:43Sub In Alex Tchangoue  0.2%
    13:43Sub Out Deirdre Naughton  0.2%
    13:43   0.2%Sub In Megan Finnerty
    13:43   0.2%Sub Out Nare Diawara
    13:41Media Timeout
    13:41   0.2%Sub In Kirby Copeland
    13:41   0.2%Sub In Amber Hall
    13:41   0.2%Sub Out Dawn Chriss
    13:41   0.2%Sub Out Kerri Gardin
    13:40Missed 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.2%
    13:40Offensive Rebound by Team  0.2%
    13:28   0.2%Foul by Carrie Mason (P1/T3)
    13:28Missed Free Throw by Corinne Groves  0.2%
    13:28Deadball Rebound Team  0.2%
    13:28Missed Free Throw by Corinne Groves  0.2%
    13:28   0.2%Defensive Rebound by Megan Finnerty
    13:12   0.1%Turnover by Kirby Copeland
    13:12Sub In Deirdre Naughton  0.1%
    13:12Sub Out Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    12:57Missed Layup by Corinne Groves  0.1%
    12:57Offensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  0.2%
    12:53Good Layup by Deirdre Naughton (2) [Paint]11-14VT +30.0%
    12:38Foul by Alex Tchangoue (P1/T2)  0.0%
    12:38 11-15VT +40.1%Good Free Throw by Kirby Copeland (3)
    12:38 11-16VT +50.2%Good Free Throw by Kirby Copeland (4)
    12:38   0.2%Sub In Dawn Chriss
    12:38   0.2%Sub In Kerri Gardin
    12:38   0.2%Sub Out Carrie Mason
    12:38   0.2%Sub Out Amber Hall
    12:27Foul by Corinne Groves (P1/T3)  0.2%
    12:27Turnover by Corinne Groves  0.2%
    12:04   0.2%Missed Jumper by Megan Finnerty
    12:04   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    12:00Foul by Deirdre Naughton (P1/T4)  0.1%
    11:50   0.1%Turnover by Kirby Copeland
    11:50Media Timeout
    11:50   0.1%Sub In Carrie Mason
    11:50   0.1%Sub Out Dawn Chriss
    11:46   0.1%Sub In Dawn Chriss
    11:46   0.1%Sub Out Laura Haskins
    11:30Missed 3-Pointer by Liz Strunk  0.1%
    11:30   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    11:22   0.1%Missed Layup by Dawn Chriss
    11:22Defensive Rebound by Alex Tchangoue  0.1%
    11:14Missed Layup by Corinne Groves  0.1%
    11:14   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    11:07   0.1%Turnover by Dawn Chriss
    10:24Missed Jumper by Corinne Groves  0.1%
    10:24Offensive Rebound by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    10:22Missed Layup by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    10:22Deadball Rebound Team  0.3%
    10:22   0.3%Foul by Kerri Gardin (P2/T4)
    10:22   0.3%Foul by Megan Finnerty (P2/T5)
    10:22Sub In Melissa Washington  0.3%
    10:22Sub Out Corinne Groves  0.3%
    10:22   0.3%Sub In Amber Hall
    10:22   0.3%Sub In Nare Diawara
    10:22   0.3%Sub Out Megan Finnerty
    10:22   0.3%Sub Out Kerri Gardin
    10:08Missed 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.3%
    10:08Offensive Rebound by Melissa Washington  0.3%
    10:03Good Layup by Melissa Washington (2) [Paint]13-16VT +30.0%
    09:42   0.0%Missed Jumper by Kirby Copeland
    09:42Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  0.0%
    09:26Turnover by Melissa Washington  0.0%
    09:25   0.0%Steal by Kirby Copeland
    09:23 13-18VT +50.1%Good Layup by Kirby Copeland (6) [Paint/Fast Break]
    09:02Missed 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.1%
    09:02   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Nare Diawara
    09:00   0.1%Sub In Brittany Cook
    09:00   0.1%Sub Out Dawn Chriss
    08:47   0.1%Turnover by Nare Diawara
    08:47Steal by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.1%
    08:47Sub In Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    08:47Sub Out Alex Tchangoue  0.1%
    08:32Foul by Cotelia Bond-Young (P2/T5)  0.1%
    08:32Sub In Alex Tchangoue  0.1%
    08:32Sub Out Cotelia Bond-Young  0.1%
    08:27Missed Jumper by Melissa Washington  0.1%
    08:27   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Nare Diawara
    08:16   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Brittany Cook
    08:16Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  0.1%
    08:13Good Jumper by Deirdre Naughton (4) [Fast Break]15-18VT +30.0%
    07:55 15-21VT +60.3%Good 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason (3)
    07:55   0.3%Assisted by Kirby Copeland
    07:39Missed Layup by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    07:39Offensive Rebound by Yolanda Lavender  0.5%
    07:35Turnover by Yolanda Lavender  0.5%
    07:34Steal by Liz Strunk  0.5%
    07:33Missed Layup by Liz Strunk  0.5%
    07:33Offensive Rebound by Melissa Washington  0.5%
    07:32   0.5%Foul by Amber Hall (P1/T6)
    07:32Media Timeout
    07:32Good Free Throw by Melissa Washington (3)16-21VT +50.3%
    07:32Good Free Throw by Melissa Washington (4)17-21VT +40.1%
    07:32Sub In Corinne Groves  0.1%
    07:32Sub Out Melissa Washington  0.1%
    07:32   0.1%Sub In Dawn Chriss
    07:32   0.1%Sub Out Kirby Copeland
    07:00   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason
    07:00   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Amber Hall
    06:56 17-23VT +60.3%Good Layup by Amber Hall (2) [Paint]
    06:45Turnover by Liz Strunk  0.6%
    06:45   0.6%Steal by Carrie Mason
    06:30 17-25VT +80.9%Good Jumper by Amber Hall (4) [Paint]
    06:10Missed Jumper by Corinne Groves  0.9%
    06:10   0.9%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Cook
    06:00Foul by Liz Strunk (P1/T6)  0.9%
    06:00   0.9%Sub In Megan Finnerty
    06:00   0.9%Sub Out Nare Diawara
    05:54   0.9%Turnover by Amber Hall
    05:43Good 3-Pointer by Yolanda Lavender (3)20-25VT +50.3%
    05:43Assisted by Alex Tchangoue  0.3%
    05:09   0.3%Missed Free Throw by Carrie Mason
    05:09Foul by Yolanda Lavender (P1/T7)  0.3%
    05:09   0.3%Sub In Kerri Gardin
    05:09   0.3%Sub Out Amber Hall
    05:08Defensive Rebound by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    04:53Missed 3-Pointer by Deirdre Naughton  0.3%
    04:53Offensive Rebound by Yolanda Lavender  0.3%
    04:52   0.3%Foul by Dawn Chriss (P1/T7)
    04:52Good Free Throw by Yolanda Lavender (4)21-25VT +40.1%
    04:52Missed Free Throw by Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    04:52   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    04:40 21-27VT +60.3%Good Layup by Kerri Gardin (4) [Paint]
    04:40   0.3%Assisted by Megan Finnerty
    04:15Missed Layup by Yolanda Lavender  0.3%
    04:15   0.3%Defensive Rebound by Carrie Mason
    04:11Foul by Alex Tchangoue (P2/T8)  0.3%
    04:11   0.3%Missed Free Throw by Carrie Mason
    04:11Defensive Rebound by Corinne Groves  0.3%
    04:11   0.3%Sub In Kirby Copeland
    04:11   0.3%Sub Out Dawn Chriss
    03:54Good 3-Pointer by Liz Strunk (7)24-27VT +30.0%
    03:54Assisted by Alex Tchangoue  0.0%
    03:39 24-29VT +50.1%Good Jumper by Brittany Cook (2) [Paint]
    03:21Missed Jumper by Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    03:21   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    03:17   0.1%Missed Layup by Kirby Copeland
    03:17   0.1%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    03:15Media Timeout
    03:09 24-31VT +70.6%Good Jumper by Kerri Gardin (6) [Paint]
    02:50   0.6%Sub In Laura Haskins
    02:50   0.6%Sub Out Carrie Mason
    02:42Missed Layup by Alex Tchangoue  0.6%
    02:42   0.6%Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
    02:31   0.6%Turnover by Kerri Gardin
    02:31   0.6%Sub In Nare Diawara
    02:31   0.6%Sub Out Megan Finnerty
    02:22Good Layup by Deirdre Naughton (6) [Paint]26-31VT +50.3%
    02:22Assisted by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    01:57 26-33VT +70.6%Good Jumper by Kirby Copeland (8)
    01:38Turnover by Liz Strunk  1.1%
    01:37   1.1%Steal by Nare Diawara
    01:36 26-35VT +91.6%Good Layup by Kirby Copeland (10) [Paint/Fast Break]
    01:30Wake Forest 30 Second Timeout
    01:18Missed 3-Pointer by Deirdre Naughton  1.6%
    01:18   1.6%Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
    01:10   1.6%Turnover by Carrie Mason
    01:08Steal by Deirdre Naughton  1.6%
    01:07   1.6%Sub In Carrie Mason
    01:07   1.6%Sub Out Brittany Cook
    01:02Missed 3-Pointer by Yolanda Lavender  1.6%
    01:02   1.6%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    00:49   1.6%Missed Layup by Kerri Gardin
    00:49Defensive Rebound by Liz Strunk  1.6%
    00:24Good Layup by Deirdre Naughton (8) [Paint]28-35VT +71.1%
    00:01   1.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason
    00:01Defensive Rebound by Yolanda Lavender  1.1%
    2nd Half
    TimeWake ForestScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    19:46Good Jumper by Cotelia Bond-Young (2)30-35VT +50.3%
    19:33   0.3%Missed Jumper by Megan Finnerty
    19:33   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    19:15   0.1%Missed Layup by Kirby Copeland
    19:15   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    19:13   0.1%Missed Layup by Kirby Copeland
    19:13Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  0.1%
    18:54Good 3-Pointer by Liz Strunk (10)33-35VT +2 
    18:54Assisted by Cotelia Bond-Young   
    18:49Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    18:37 33-37VT +40.0%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (8) [Paint]
    18:37   0.0%Assisted by Kerri Gardin
    18:04Missed Jumper by Liz Strunk  0.0%
    18:04   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    17:53Foul by Liz Strunk (P2/T9)  0.0%
    17:53 33-38VT +50.1%Good Free Throw by Kerri Gardin (7)
    17:53 33-39VT +60.3%Good Free Throw by Kerri Gardin (8)
    17:31Missed 3-Pointer by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    17:31   0.3%Defensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    17:25 33-41VT +80.9%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (10) [Paint]
    17:25Wake Forest 30 Second Timeout
    17:00Turnover by Deirdre Naughton  1.4%
    17:00   1.4%Steal by Kirby Copeland
    16:50 33-43VT +101.9%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (12) [Paint]
    16:50   1.9%Assisted by Carrie Mason
    16:26Missed Jumper by Deirdre Naughton  1.9%
    16:26   1.9%Defensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    16:22   1.9%Turnover by Kerri Gardin
    16:22Steal by Yolanda Lavender  1.9%
    16:00   2.0%Foul by Kerri Gardin (P3/T8)
    16:00   2.0%Sub In Amber Hall
    16:00   2.0%Sub Out Kerri Gardin
    15:55Good 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young (5)36-43VT +70.9%
    15:55Assisted by Yolanda Lavender  0.9%
    15:27 36-45VT +91.4%Good Jumper by Megan Finnerty (2) [Paint]
    15:17Foul by Corinne Groves (P2/T10)  1.4%
    15:17Turnover by Corinne Groves  2.0%
    15:17Media Timeout
    15:17   2.0%Sub In Nare Diawara
    15:17   2.0%Sub Out Megan Finnerty
    15:00   1.4%Turnover by Kirby Copeland
    14:50Missed 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.4%
    14:50Offensive Rebound by Liz Strunk  2.0%
    14:48Good Layup by Liz Strunk (12) [Paint]38-45VT +71.0%
    14:28Foul by Liz Strunk (P3/T11)  1.0%
    14:28   1.0%Sub In Megan Finnerty
    14:28   1.0%Sub Out Nare Diawara
    14:23   1.0%Missed Jumper by Dawn Chriss
    14:23Defensive Rebound by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.0%
    13:45Good Jumper by Yolanda Lavender (6)40-45VT +50.3%
    13:10   0.3%Missed Jumper by Dawn Chriss
    13:10Defensive Rebound by Liz Strunk  0.3%
    13:00Missed Jumper by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.3%
    13:00   0.1%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    13:00Foul by Alex Tchangoue (P3/T12)  0.1%
    13:00   0.1%Sub In Kerri Gardin
    13:00   0.1%Sub Out Amber Hall
    12:52   0.1%Sub In Laura Haskins
    12:52   0.1%Sub Out Kirby Copeland
    12:35 40-48VT +81.0%Good 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason (6)
    12:16Missed Jumper by Liz Strunk  1.0%
    12:16Offensive Rebound by Alex Tchangoue  1.6%
    11:49Missed Jumper by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.6%
    11:49Offensive Rebound by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.6%
    11:45Turnover by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.6%
    11:45   1.6%Steal by Dawn Chriss
    11:36   1.6%Missed Layup by Kerri Gardin
    11:36   1.1%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    11:34Media Timeout
    11:34Sub In Alex Tchangoue  1.1%
    11:34Sub Out Deirdre Naughton  1.1%
    11:34   1.1%Sub In Kirby Copeland
    11:34   1.1%Sub In Brittany Cook
    11:34   1.1%Sub Out Dawn Chriss
    11:34   1.1%Sub Out Carrie Mason
    11:26 40-50VT +102.2%Good Jumper by Kirby Copeland (12)
    11:26   2.2%Assisted by Laura Haskins
    11:12Good 3-Pointer by Deirdre Naughton (11)43-50VT +71.1%
    11:12Assisted by Alex Tchangoue  1.1%
    11:09Sub In Deirdre Naughton  1.1%
    11:09Sub Out Yolanda Lavender  1.1%
    10:50 43-52VT +91.6%Good Layup by Kerri Gardin (10) [Paint]
    10:50   1.6%Assisted by Megan Finnerty
    10:39   1.6%Foul by Megan Finnerty (P3/T9)
    10:39Missed Free Throw by Liz Strunk  1.6%
    10:39Deadball Rebound Team  2.3%
    10:39Good Free Throw by Liz Strunk (13)44-52VT +81.6%
    10:39Sub In Melissa Washington  1.6%
    10:39Sub Out Corinne Groves  1.6%
    10:39   1.6%Sub In Amber Hall
    10:39   1.6%Sub Out Megan Finnerty
    10:17   1.7%Missed Jumper by Kirby Copeland
    10:17Defensive Rebound by Cotelia Bond-Young  1.7%
    10:12Missed Jumper by Deirdre Naughton  1.7%
    10:12   1.7%Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
    10:06   1.7%Missed Layup by Brittany Cook
    10:06Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  1.7%
    09:58Good 3-Pointer by Cotelia Bond-Young (8)47-52VT +50.3%
    09:58Assisted by Deirdre Naughton  0.3%
    09:54Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    09:45Foul by Cotelia Bond-Young (P3/T13)  0.4%
    09:45   0.4%Sub In Dawn Chriss
    09:45   0.4%Sub Out Brittany Cook
    09:18   0.1%Turnover by Laura Haskins
    09:17Steal by Deirdre Naughton  0.1%
    08:53Missed Layup by Melissa Washington  0.1%
    08:53   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    08:45   0.1%Missed Layup by Laura Haskins
    08:45Shot Blocked by Melissa Washington  0.1%
    08:45   0.1%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    08:45Sub In Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    08:45Sub Out Cotelia Bond-Young  0.1%
    08:45   0.1%Sub In Carrie Mason
    08:45   0.1%Sub In Megan Finnerty
    08:45   0.1%Sub Out Laura Haskins
    08:45   0.1%Sub Out Amber Hall
    08:39   0.1%Missed Jumper by Kerri Gardin
    08:39   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    08:37   0.1%Missed Jumper by Kerri Gardin
    08:37Shot Blocked by Melissa Washington  0.1%
    08:35   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Megan Finnerty
    08:32   0.1%Missed Layup by Megan Finnerty
    08:32   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Dawn Chriss
    08:29   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason
    08:29Defensive Rebound by Team  0.1%
    08:20Good Layup by Liz Strunk (15) [Paint]49-52VT +30.0%
    08:20Assisted by Deirdre Naughton  0.0%
    07:59 49-55VT +60.4%Good 3-Pointer by Carrie Mason (9)
    07:59   0.4%Assisted by Kirby Copeland
    07:40Good Layup by Yolanda Lavender (8) [Paint]51-55VT +40.1%
    07:26 51-57VT +60.4%Good Jumper by Megan Finnerty (4)
    07:24   0.4%Assisted by Kerri Gardin
    06:56Good Layup by Melissa Washington (6) [Paint]53-57VT +40.1%
    06:56Assisted by Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    06:35 53-59VT +60.4%Good Layup by Kirby Copeland (14) [Paint]
    06:01Good 3-Pointer by Liz Strunk (18)56-59VT +30.0%
    06:01Assisted by Yolanda Lavender  0.0%
    05:47 56-61VT +50.1%Good Jumper by Dawn Chriss (14)
    05:34Missed Layup by Yolanda Lavender  0.1%
    05:34   0.1%Shot Blocked by Kirby Copeland
    05:32   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Kirby Copeland
    05:30 56-63VT +70.8%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (16) [Paint/Fast Break]
    05:30   0.8%Assisted by Kirby Copeland
    05:05Missed Jumper by Liz Strunk  0.8%
    05:05   0.8%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    04:34   0.8%Missed Jumper by Kerri Gardin
    04:34Defensive Rebound by Yolanda Lavender  0.8%
    04:21   0.8%Foul by Kerri Gardin (P4/T10)
    04:21Media Timeout
    04:21Sub In Cotelia Bond-Young  0.8%
    04:21Sub Out Yolanda Lavender  0.8%
    04:21   0.8%Sub In Roshana Jackson
    04:21   0.8%Sub Out Kerri Gardin
    04:14Good Layup by Deirdre Naughton (13) [Paint]58-63VT +50.4%
    04:14Assisted by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.4%
    03:59Foul by Melissa Washington (P1/T14)  0.4%
    03:59Media Timeout
    03:59   0.4%Missed Free Throw by Kirby Copeland
    03:59   0.2%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    03:59 58-64VT +60.4%Good Free Throw by Kirby Copeland (15)
    03:59Sub In Corinne Groves  0.4%
    03:59Sub Out Melissa Washington  0.4%
    03:59   0.4%Sub In Kerri Gardin
    03:59   0.4%Sub Out Roshana Jackson
    03:38Turnover by Corinne Groves  0.9%
    03:37   0.9%Steal by Kirby Copeland
    03:23 58-66VT +81.4%Good Layup by Megan Finnerty (6) [Paint]
    03:23   1.4%Assisted by Kirby Copeland
    02:55Good Layup by Liz Strunk (20) [Paint]60-66VT +60.9%
    02:55Assisted by Yolanda Lavender  0.9%
    02:31Foul by Cotelia Bond-Young (P4/T15)  0.9%
    02:31   0.9%Missed Free Throw by Kirby Copeland
    02:31Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  0.9%
    02:16Turnover by Cotelia Bond-Young  0.9%
    02:16Wake Forest Full Timeout
    01:51 60-68VT +81.5%Good Layup by Kerri Gardin (12) [Paint]
    01:51   1.5%Assisted by Megan Finnerty
    01:45Sub In Yolanda Lavender  1.6%
    01:45Sub Out Alex Tchangoue  1.6%
    01:44Turnover by Liz Strunk  2.3%
    01:44   2.3%Steal by Kerri Gardin
    01:36Foul by Liz Strunk (P4/T16)  2.3%
    01:36   2.3%Missed Free Throw by Kerri Gardin
    01:36   1.6%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    01:36 60-69VT +92.3%Good Free Throw by Kerri Gardin (13)
    01:32 60-71VT +114.4%Good Layup by Kirby Copeland (17) [Paint]
    01:16   4.4%Foul by Dawn Chriss (P2/T11)
    01:02Missed 3-Pointer by Yolanda Lavender  4.5%
    01:02   4.5%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    00:45   4.5%Missed Free Throw by Carrie Mason
    00:45Foul by Yolanda Lavender (P2/T17)  4.5%
    00:45Defensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  4.5%
    00:38Turnover by Deirdre Naughton  5.8%
    00:38   5.8%Steal by Kerri Gardin
    00:34 60-73VT +137.3%Good Layup by Dawn Chriss (18) [Paint/Fast Break]
    00:34   7.3%Assisted by Kerri Gardin
    00:23Missed 3-Pointer by Deirdre Naughton  7.4%
    00:23   7.4%Shot Blocked by Dawn Chriss
    00:23Offensive Rebound by Team  9.0%
    00:16Missed Jumper by Deirdre Naughton  9.1%
    00:16Offensive Rebound by Deirdre Naughton  9.1%
    00:13Missed Jumper by Deirdre Naughton  9.1%
    00:13   9.1%Defensive Rebound by Kerri Gardin
    Best Run: WF: 7 - 18:54 (2nd Half)    VT: 8 - 16:50 (2nd Half)