Virginia Tech
Miami (13-11, 2-7) 273259
Virginia Tech (11-14, 1-9) 312556
  • February 12, 2009 - 7:00 PM
  • Cassell Coliseum, Blacksburg, Va.
  • Officials: Carla Fountain, Bryan Brunette, Janice Aliberti
  • Attendance: 2,438
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Final Box Score

Miami 59
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
5 LaToya Drakef3-40-01-122417021220
14 Charmaine Clarkg2-71-22-201107122022
23 LaToya Cunninghamg3-91-50-015607320031
33 Diane Barnesf0-00-00-00000000002
42 Shenise Johnsonf4-141-12-2145211321028
0 Damisha Moore3-50-11-210107000010
1 Riquna Williams0-20-10-00000000102
4 Lamese James1-20-10-032522020120
21 Briyana Blair3-50-12-203308111014
22 Ashley Sours2-50-00-000034002015
32 Epiphany Woodson1-60-22-213414500026
34 Sylvia Bullock1-20-00-001122010110
TEAM 224

  • Technicals: Lamese James (1)
  • Points Off TOs: 14
  • 2nd Chance Points: 15
  • Points in the Paint:
  • Fast Break Points:
  • Points off the Bench: 27
  • Largest Lead: 6 - 2nd-01:46
  • Ties: 6
  • Leads: 2
1st Half2nd HalfTotal
Field Goals 23-61 (37.7%)
3-Point Field Goals 3-14 (21.4%)
Free Throws 10-11 (90.9%)
Deadball Rebounds: 0,0
Virginia Tech 56
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
12 Nikki Davisg2-70-10-014504631024
15 Utahya Dryef5-140-02-2448412010232
20 Lindsay Biggsg2-100-60-021324223029
22 Laura Haskinsg5-70-00-0033010230134
23 Brittany Gordonc3-60-03-6491329110131
3 Brittany Lewis2-50-10-012304000014
24 Lakeisha Logan2-30-00-00001400009
30 Shani Grey0-10-00-00000001006
33 Shanel Harrison3-110-13-833619041021
TEAM 527

  • Technicals: Utahya Drye (1)
  • Points Off TOs: 9
  • 2nd Chance Points: 20
  • Points in the Paint:
  • Fast Break Points:
  • Points off the Bench: 17
  • Largest Lead: 12 - 1st-08:39
  • Ties: 0
  • Leads: 1
1st Half2nd HalfTotal
Field Goals 24-64 (37.5%)
3-Point Field Goals 0-9 (0.0%)
Free Throws 8-16 (50.0%)
Deadball Rebounds: 5,0
1st Half
TimeMiamiScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
19:51Missed Jumper by LaToya Cunningham   
19:51    Defensive Rebound by Nikki Davis
19:44 0-2VT +2 Good Layup by Utahya Drye (2) [Paint/Fast Break]
19:44    Assisted by Nikki Davis
19:39Turnover by LaToya Drake   
19:26 0-4VT +40.0%Good Jumper by Laura Haskins (2)
19:20Missed Layup by Charmaine Clark  0.0%
19:20Offensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham  0.1%
19:04Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  0.1%
19:04   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
18:55 0-6VT +60.2%Good Layup by Utahya Drye (4) [Paint]
18:55   0.2%Assisted by Nikki Davis
18:54Miami 30 Second Timeout
18:41Missed Layup by Charmaine Clark  0.2%
18:41   0.2%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
18:22   0.2%Turnover by Nikki Davis
18:07Turnover by Charmaine Clark  0.4%
18:07Sub In Sylvia Bullock  0.4%
18:07Sub Out Diane Barnes  0.4%
17:53   0.4%Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
17:53Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson  0.4%
17:43Good Jumper by Charmaine Clark (2)2-6VT +40.1%
17:28 2-8VT +60.2%Good Layup by Brittany Gordon (2) [Paint]
17:28   0.2%Assisted by Nikki Davis
17:12Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  0.2%
17:12Offensive Rebound by Team  0.4%
17:00Missed Jumper by Sylvia Bullock  0.4%
17:00   0.4%Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
16:44 2-10VT +80.7%Good Layup by Brittany Gordon (4) [Paint]
16:44   0.7%Assisted by Lindsay Biggs
16:19Turnover by Sylvia Bullock  1.1%
16:19Foul by Sylvia Bullock (P1/T1)  1.1%
16:19Sub In Ashley Sours  1.1%
16:19Sub Out LaToya Drake  1.1%
16:19   1.1%Sub In Shanel Harrison
16:19   1.1%Sub Out Nikki Davis
16:09   0.7%Turnover by Brittany Gordon
15:56Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  0.7%
15:56   0.7%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
15:34   0.7%Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
15:34Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson  0.7%
15:28Good 3-Pointer by Charmaine Clark (5)5-10VT +50.2%
15:28Assisted by Shenise Johnson  0.2%
15:10 5-12VT +70.5%Good Jumper by Laura Haskins (4)
14:59Turnover by LaToya Cunningham  0.8%
14:51   0.8%Missed Layup by Shanel Harrison
14:51Shot Blocked by Ashley Sours  0.8%
14:51   0.5%Offensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
14:51Foul by Ashley Sours (P1/T2)  0.5%
14:51Media Timeout
14:51   0.5%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Harrison
14:51   0.5%Deadball Rebound TEAM
14:51 5-13VT +80.8%Good Free Throw by Shanel Harrison (1)
14:51Sub In Epiphany Woodson  0.8%
14:51Sub Out LaToya Cunningham  0.8%
14:51   0.8%Sub In Shani Grey
14:51   0.8%Sub In Brittany Lewis
14:51   0.8%Sub Out Lindsay Biggs
14:51   0.8%Sub Out Brittany Gordon
14:28Good Layup by Ashley Sours (2) [Paint]7-13VT +60.5%
14:28Assisted by Epiphany Woodson  0.5%
14:07   0.5%Missed Jumper by Brittany Lewis
14:07Defensive Rebound by Epiphany Woodson  0.5%
14:00Missed Jumper by Epiphany Woodson  0.5%
14:00   0.5%Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
13:34Foul by Ashley Sours (P2/T3)  0.5%
13:34   0.5%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Harrison
13:34   0.2%Deadball Rebound TEAM
13:34   0.2%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Harrison
13:34   0.2%Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
13:34Sub In Lamese James  0.2%
13:34Sub Out Ashley Sours  0.2%
13:19   0.2%Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
13:19Shot Blocked by Shenise Johnson  0.2%
13:19   0.2%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
13:17   0.2%Missed Jumper by Brittany Lewis
13:17Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson  0.2%
13:03Missed 3-Pointer by Charmaine Clark  0.2%
13:03Offensive Rebound by Lamese James  0.5%
13:01Turnover by Lamese James  0.5%
13:01   0.5%Sub In Nikki Davis
13:01   0.5%Sub Out Laura Haskins
12:39   0.5%Missed Jumper by Shanel Harrison
12:39   0.2%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
12:20 7-15VT +80.8%Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (6)
12:07Turnover by Lamese James  1.2%
12:06   1.2%Steal by Utahya Drye
12:02   0.8%Turnover by Nikki Davis
11:37Turnover by Charmaine Clark  1.2%
11:35   1.2%Steal by Utahya Drye
11:31   1.2%Missed Layup by Utahya Drye
11:31   0.8%Offensive Rebound by Brittany Lewis
11:29 7-17VT +101.7%Good Layup by Brittany Lewis (2) [Paint]
11:03Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (2) [Paint]9-17VT +81.2%
11:01Media Timeout
11:01Sub In Damisha Moore  1.2%
11:01Sub In LaToya Drake  1.2%
11:01Sub Out Lamese James  1.2%
11:01Sub Out Charmaine Clark  1.2%
11:01Sub Out Sylvia Bullock  1.2%
11:01   1.2%Sub In Brittany Gordon
11:01   1.2%Sub In Lindsay Biggs
11:01   1.2%Sub Out Utahya Drye
11:01   1.2%Sub Out Shani Grey
10:33   0.8%Turnover by Nikki Davis
10:33   0.8%Sub In Laura Haskins
10:33   0.8%Sub Out Shanel Harrison
10:16Missed 3-Pointer by Epiphany Woodson  0.8%
10:16Offensive Rebound by LaToya Drake  1.3%
10:13Turnover by LaToya Drake  1.3%
09:52   1.3%Missed 3-Pointer by Brittany Lewis
09:52Defensive Rebound by LaToya Drake  1.3%
09:40Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  1.3%
09:40   1.3%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Lewis
09:12 9-19VT +101.8%Good Layup by Nikki Davis (2) [Paint]
08:51Missed 3-Pointer by Damisha Moore  1.8%
08:51   1.8%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
08:39 9-21VT +123.1%Good Layup by Brittany Lewis (4) [Paint]
08:39   3.1%Assisted by Laura Haskins
08:10Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  3.2%
08:10   3.2%Shot Blocked by Lindsay Biggs
08:08Offensive Rebound by Damisha Moore  3.9%
08:07Good Layup by Damisha Moore (2) [Paint]11-21VT +102.5%
07:36   2.5%Missed Jumper by Laura Haskins
07:36   1.9%Deadball Rebound TEAM
07:35Media Timeout
07:35Sub In Riquna Williams  1.9%
07:35Sub In LaToya Cunningham  1.9%
07:35Sub Out Damisha Moore  1.9%
07:35Sub Out Shenise Johnson  1.9%
07:35   1.9%Sub In Utahya Drye
07:35   1.9%Sub In Shanel Harrison
07:35   1.9%Sub Out Lindsay Biggs
07:35   1.9%Sub Out Brittany Lewis
07:33 11-23VT +123.2%Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (8)
07:33   3.2%Assisted by Nikki Davis
07:07Missed Jumper by LaToya Drake  3.2%
07:07   3.2%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
06:50   3.3%Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
06:50   3.3%Offensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
06:44   3.3%Turnover by Shanel Harrison
06:44Steal by LaToya Drake  3.3%
06:44Sub In Charmaine Clark  3.3%
06:32Missed 3-Pointer by Riquna Williams  3.3%
06:32   3.3%Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
06:15   3.3%Missed Layup by Shanel Harrison
06:15Shot Blocked by Riquna Williams  3.3%
06:14Defensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham  3.3%
06:08   3.3%Foul by Brittany Gordon (P1/T1)
06:08Good Free Throw by Charmaine Clark (6)12-23VT +112.6%
06:08Good Free Throw by Charmaine Clark (7)13-23VT +101.9%
05:55   2.0%Missed Layup by Brittany Gordon
05:55Shot Blocked by LaToya Drake  2.0%
05:53Defensive Rebound by Charmaine Clark  2.0%
05:48   2.0%Foul by Utahya Drye (P1/T2)
05:48   2.0%Sub In Lindsay Biggs
05:48   2.0%Sub Out Nikki Davis
05:40Missed Jumper by Riquna Williams  2.0%
05:40   2.0%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
05:31   2.0%Turnover by Shanel Harrison
05:31Sub In Shenise Johnson  2.0%
05:31Sub Out Riquna Williams  2.0%
05:16Good Layup by Shenise Johnson (4) [Paint]15-23VT +81.4%
04:57   1.4%Missed Layup by Laura Haskins
04:57Defensive Rebound by LaToya Drake  1.4%
04:50Good 3-Pointer by Shenise Johnson (7)18-23VT +50.3%
04:50Assisted by Epiphany Woodson  0.3%
04:50Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
04:50   0.3%Sub In Shani Grey
04:50   0.3%Sub Out Shanel Harrison
04:39   0.1%Turnover by Lindsay Biggs
04:37Steal by LaToya Drake  0.1%
04:25Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  0.1%
04:25   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
04:05   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
04:05   0.1%Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
04:02Foul by Epiphany Woodson (P1/T4)  0.1%
04:02 18-24VT +60.3%Good Free Throw by Utahya Drye (9)
04:02 18-25VT +70.6%Good Free Throw by Utahya Drye (10)
03:43Missed Jumper by Charmaine Clark  0.6%
03:43   0.6%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
03:43Media Timeout
03:43Sub In Briyana Blair  0.6%
03:43Sub Out Epiphany Woodson  0.6%
03:43   0.6%Sub In Brittany Lewis
03:43   0.6%Sub Out Brittany Gordon
03:22   0.6%Missed Layup by Shani Grey
03:22Defensive Rebound by Briyana Blair  0.6%
03:12Missed 3-Pointer by LaToya Cunningham  0.6%
03:12Offensive Rebound by LaToya Drake  1.0%
03:08Good Layup by LaToya Drake (2) [Paint]20-25VT +50.3%
02:46   0.1%Turnover by Shani Grey
02:43   0.1%Sub In Nikki Davis
02:43   0.1%Sub Out Shani Grey
02:41Missed Layup by Briyana Blair  0.1%
02:41   0.1%Shot Blocked by Lindsay Biggs
02:40   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Nikki Davis
02:12 20-27VT +70.6%Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (12)
01:57Good Layup by LaToya Drake (4) [Paint]22-27VT +50.3%
01:57   0.3%Foul by Utahya Drye (P2/T3)
01:57Good Free Throw by LaToya Drake (5)23-27VT +40.1%
01:57Sub In Epiphany Woodson  0.1%
01:57Sub Out LaToya Cunningham  0.1%
01:57   0.1%Sub In Shanel Harrison
01:57   0.1%Sub In Brittany Gordon
01:57   0.1%Sub Out Utahya Drye
01:57   0.1%Sub Out Brittany Lewis
01:44 23-29VT +60.3%Good Layup by Laura Haskins (6) [Paint]
01:44   0.3%Assisted by Brittany Gordon
01:35Missed 3-Pointer by Briyana Blair  0.3%
01:35   0.3%Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
01:24   0.3%Turnover by Laura Haskins
01:13   0.3%Foul by Shanel Harrison (P1/T4)
01:13Good Free Throw by Shenise Johnson (8)24-29VT +50.1%
01:13Good Free Throw by Shenise Johnson (9)25-29VT +40.0%
00:46   0.0%Turnover by Laura Haskins
00:30Good Jumper by Shenise Johnson (11) [Paint]27-29VT +2 
00:30Assisted by Epiphany Woodson   
00:13 27-31VT +40.0%Good Jumper by Shanel Harrison (3)
00:03Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson  0.0%
00:03   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
2nd Half
TimeMiamiScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
19:47Missed 3-Pointer by Epiphany Woodson  0.0%
19:47   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
19:32   0.0%Missed Layup by Utahya Drye
19:32Defensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson  0.0%
19:07Missed Jumper by Charmaine Clark  0.0%
19:07   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Nikki Davis
19:01   0.0%Missed Layup by Nikki Davis
19:01   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Nikki Davis
18:57   0.0%Missed Layup by Nikki Davis
18:57Shot Blocked by Charmaine Clark  0.0%
18:55Defensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham  0.0%
18:52Good Layup by Epiphany Woodson (2) [Paint/Fast Break]29-31VT +2 
18:52Assisted by LaToya Cunningham   
18:22    Missed Jumper by Brittany Gordon
18:22    Offensive Rebound by Lindsay Biggs
18:18    Missed Layup by Lindsay Biggs
18:18Defensive Rebound by Epiphany Woodson   
18:10Good Layup by LaToya Drake (7) [Paint/Fast Break]31-31T 1 
18:10Assisted by Epiphany Woodson   
17:41    Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
17:41    Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
17:35    Missed 3-Pointer by Nikki Davis
17:35Defensive Rebound by Team   
17:09Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson   
17:09    Shot Blocked by Lindsay Biggs
17:07    Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
16:46    Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
16:46    Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
16:43Foul by LaToya Drake (P1/T5)   
16:43 31-32VT +1 Good Free Throw by Brittany Gordon (5)
16:43    Missed Free Throw by Brittany Gordon
16:43    Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
16:43    Sub In Shanel Harrison
16:43    Sub Out Nikki Davis
16:32 31-34VT +3 Good Jumper by Lindsay Biggs (2) [Paint]
16:13Missed Jumper by Shenise Johnson   
16:13    Defensive Rebound by TEAM
15:50Foul by Shenise Johnson (P1/T6)   
15:50Media Timeout
15:50    Missed Free Throw by Shanel Harrison
15:50    Deadball Rebound TEAM
15:50 31-35VT +40.0%Good Free Throw by Shanel Harrison (4)
15:36Turnover by Shenise Johnson  0.1%
15:35   0.1%Steal by Brittany Gordon
15:26   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
15:26Defensive Rebound by Team  0.1%
15:23Sub In Sylvia Bullock  0.1%
15:23Sub Out LaToya Drake  0.1%
15:09Good Layup by LaToya Cunningham (2) [Paint]33-35VT +2 
15:09Assisted by Shenise Johnson   
14:52 33-37VT +40.0%Good Layup by Shanel Harrison (6) [Paint]
14:52   0.0%Assisted by Laura Haskins
14:42Missed Layup by Epiphany Woodson  0.0%
14:42   0.0%Shot Blocked by Shanel Harrison
14:40   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
14:35   0.0%Missed Layup by Utahya Drye
14:35Shot Blocked by Charmaine Clark  0.0%
14:35   0.0%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
14:29   0.0%Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
14:29Defensive Rebound by Epiphany Woodson  0.0%
14:17Good Layup by Sylvia Bullock (2) [Paint]35-37VT +2 
14:17Assisted by Charmaine Clark   
13:51    Missed Jumper by Brittany Gordon
13:51    Offensive Rebound by Lindsay Biggs
13:47    Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
13:47    Missed Layup by Lindsay Biggs
13:46Foul by Sylvia Bullock (P2/T7)   
13:46    Missed Free Throw by Brittany Gordon
13:46    Deadball Rebound TEAM
13:46    Missed Free Throw by Brittany Gordon
13:46Defensive Rebound by Sylvia Bullock   
13:46Sub In Damisha Moore   
13:46Sub In Lamese James   
13:46Sub Out Charmaine Clark   
13:46Sub Out Diane Barnes   
13:46    Sub In Lakeisha Logan
13:46    Sub Out Lindsay Biggs
13:38Missed Layup by Shenise Johnson   
13:38    Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
13:26    Missed Layup by Shanel Harrison
13:26    Offensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison
13:23 35-39VT +40.0%Good Layup by Shanel Harrison (8) [Paint]
13:20Turnover by Shenise Johnson  0.1%
13:20   0.1%Steal by Laura Haskins
13:13   0.0%Turnover by Shanel Harrison
13:13Sub In Briyana Blair  0.0%
13:13Sub Out Shenise Johnson  0.0%
13:13   0.0%Sub In Brittany Lewis
13:13   0.0%Sub Out Brittany Gordon
12:48Missed 3-Pointer by Lamese James  0.0%
12:48   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Brittany Lewis
12:22   0.0%Turnover by Shanel Harrison
12:21Steal by Sylvia Bullock  0.0%
12:14Good Layup by Damisha Moore (4) [Paint]37-39VT +2 
12:14Assisted by LaToya Cunningham   
12:13Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
12:13Sub In Ashley Sours   
12:13Sub Out Sylvia Bullock   
12:13    Sub In Nikki Davis
12:13    Sub In Lindsay Biggs
12:13    Sub Out Laura Haskins
12:13    Sub Out Shanel Harrison
12:01    Turnover by Utahya Drye
12:00Steal by Lamese James   
11:57Media Timeout
11:37Good Layup by Damisha Moore (6) [Paint]39-39T 2 
11:37Assisted by LaToya Cunningham   
11:14 39-41VT +2 Good Jumper by Lakeisha Logan (2)
11:14    Assisted by Nikki Davis
10:53Good Layup by Ashley Sours (4) [Paint]41-41T 3 
10:53Assisted by Briyana Blair   
10:29    Missed Jumper by Lakeisha Logan
10:29Defensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham   
10:21Turnover by LaToya Cunningham   
10:21    Sub In Brittany Gordon
10:21    Sub Out Brittany Lewis
10:08 41-43VT +2 Good Layup by Nikki Davis (4) [Paint]
09:50Turnover by Briyana Blair   
09:37    Missed Layup by Nikki Davis
09:37Defensive Rebound by Briyana Blair   
09:30Good Layup by Briyana Blair (2) [Paint/Fast Break]43-43T 4 
09:20    Technical Foul by Utahya Drye
09:20    Foul by Utahya Drye (P3/T5)
09:20Technical Foul by Lamese James   
09:20Foul by Lamese James (P1/T8)   
09:01 43-45VT +2 Good Jumper by Lakeisha Logan (4)
09:01    Assisted by Nikki Davis
08:41Missed Layup by Ashley Sours   
08:41Offensive Rebound by Team   
08:40    Sub In Laura Haskins
08:40    Sub Out Nikki Davis
08:35    Sub In Shanel Harrison
08:35    Sub Out Utahya Drye
08:27    Foul by Lakeisha Logan (P1/T6)
08:08Good Layup by Briyana Blair (4) [Paint]45-45T 5 
07:36    Missed Jumper by Shanel Harrison
07:36Defensive Rebound by Lamese James   
07:27    Foul by Lindsay Biggs (P1/T7)
07:27Media Timeout
07:27Good Free Throw by Damisha Moore (7)46-45UM +1 
07:27Missed Free Throw by Damisha Moore   
07:27    Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
07:27    Sub In Utahya Drye
07:27    Sub Out Lindsay Biggs
07:11    Missed Layup by Shanel Harrison
07:11    Offensive Rebound by TEAM
07:00 46-47VT +1 Good Jumper by Laura Haskins (8)
06:57    Foul by Brittany Gordon (P2/T8)
06:40Miami 30 Second Timeout
06:40    Sub In Nikki Davis
06:40    Sub Out Lakeisha Logan
06:36Missed Jumper by Damisha Moore   
06:36    Shot Blocked by Nikki Davis
06:34    Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
06:22    Missed Jumper by Shanel Harrison
06:22    Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon
06:19Foul by Lamese James (P2/T9)   
06:19 46-48VT +2 Good Free Throw by Brittany Gordon (6)
06:19 46-49VT +3 Good Free Throw by Brittany Gordon (7)
06:19Sub In Epiphany Woodson   
06:19Sub Out Damisha Moore   
05:58Good Jumper by LaToya Cunningham (4)48-49VT +1 
05:35    Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
05:35Defensive Rebound by Briyana Blair   
05:27    Foul by Utahya Drye (P4/T9)
05:27Good Free Throw by Briyana Blair (5)49-49T 6 
05:27Good Free Throw by Briyana Blair (6)50-49UM +1 
05:27    Sub In Brittany Lewis
05:27    Sub Out Utahya Drye
05:12    Turnover by Laura Haskins
04:51Missed Layup by Ashley Sours   
04:51Offensive Rebound by Epiphany Woodson   
04:47Good Jumper by Briyana Blair (8)52-49UM +3 
04:47Assisted by Epiphany Woodson   
04:27    Missed Jumper by Nikki Davis
04:27Shot Blocked by Briyana Blair   
04:26Defensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham   
04:23Missed Layup by LaToya Cunningham   
04:23    Defensive Rebound by Nikki Davis
03:52    Missed 3-Pointer by Shanel Harrison
03:52Defensive Rebound by Lamese James   
03:45Missed Layup by Ashley Sours   
03:45    Defensive Rebound by Laura Haskins
03:41Foul by Ashley Sours (P3/T10)   
03:41Media Timeout
03:41Sub In Shenise Johnson   
03:41Sub Out Briyana Blair   
03:41    Sub In Lakeisha Logan
03:41    Sub In Lindsay Biggs
03:41    Sub In Utahya Drye
03:41    Sub Out Nikki Davis
03:41    Sub Out Shanel Harrison
03:41    Sub Out Brittany Lewis
03:20    Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye
03:20Shot Blocked by Ashley Sours   
03:19   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye
03:14 52-51UM +1 Good Jumper by Lindsay Biggs (4)
02:45Missed 3-Pointer by LaToya Cunningham   
02:45Offensive Rebound by Lamese James   
02:42Miami 30 Second Timeout
02:36Good 3-Pointer by LaToya Cunningham (7)55-51UM +40.0%
02:36Assisted by Shenise Johnson  0.0%
02:16   0.2%Turnover by Lindsay Biggs
01:56Missed 3-Pointer by LaToya Cunningham  0.2%
01:56Offensive Rebound by Shenise Johnson  0.0%
01:46   0.0%Foul by Lindsay Biggs (P2/T10)
01:46Good Free Throw by Epiphany Woodson (3)56-51UM +50.2%
01:46Good Free Throw by Epiphany Woodson (4)57-51UM +60.5%
01:46   0.5%Sub In Shanel Harrison
01:46   0.5%Sub Out Lakeisha Logan
01:35Foul by Shenise Johnson (P2/T11)  0.5%
01:35 57-52UM +50.2%Good Free Throw by Shanel Harrison (9)
01:35   0.2%Missed Free Throw by Shanel Harrison
01:35   0.5%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
01:33 57-54UM +30.0%Good Layup by Brittany Gordon (9) [Paint]
01:33   0.0%Assisted by Lindsay Biggs
01:02Missed 3-Pointer by LaToya Cunningham  0.0%
01:02   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Lindsay Biggs
00:41 57-56UM +1 Good Jumper by Laura Haskins (10)
00:40Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
00:25Miami Full Timeout
00:10Missed Jumper by Epiphany Woodson   
00:10Offensive Rebound by Lamese James   
00:07Good Layup by Lamese James (2) [Paint]59-56UM +3 
00:01    Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs
00:01Defensive Rebound by LaToya Cunningham   
Best Run: UM: 7 - 04:50 (1st Half)    VT: 6 - 18:55 (1st Half)