Virginia Tech
  • January 27, 2022 - 2:00 PM
    John Paul Jones Arena - Charlottesville
  • Officials: Bruce Morris, Jules Gallien, Felicia Young

  • Attendance: 1,779
TimeVirginia TechScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia
1st Quarter
09:49    Travel by Carole Miller
09:34Layup by Azana Baines (2)2-0VAT +2 
09:34Assisted by Elizabeth Kitley   
09:23    Bad Pass by London Clarkson
09:09Travel by Aisha Sheppard   
08:49 2-3UVA +1 3-Pointer by Amandine Toi (3)
08:333-Pointer by Georgia Amoore   
08:28    Defensive Rebound by London Clarkson
08:22    Driving Layup by Taylor Valladay
08:22Shot Blocked by Cayla King   
08:17Defensive Rebound by Cayla King   
07:553-Pointer by Georgia Amoore   
07:53Offensive Rebound by TEAM   
07:42Turnaround Jumper by Elizabeth Kitley (2) [Paint]4-3VAT +1 
07:42Assisted by Cayla King   
07:17Foul by Azana Baines drawn by Taylor Valladay - Shooting 2 (P1/T1/H1)   
07:17 4-4T 1 Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Taylor Valladay (1)
07:17    Missed Free Throw (2 of 2) by Taylor Valladay
07:15    Offensive Rebound by London Clarkson
07:13 4-7UVA +3 3-Pointer by Amandine Toi (6)
07:13    Assisted by London Clarkson
06:53Turnaround Jumper by Elizabeth Kitley   
06:49Offensive Rebound by Azana Baines  0.0%
06:48   0.0%Foul by London Clarkson drawn by Elizabeth Kitley - Shooting 2 (P1/T1/H1)
06:48Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Elizabeth Kitley (3)5-7UVA +2 
06:48Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by Elizabeth Kitley (4)6-7UVA +1 
06:29 6-9UVA +3 Layup by Eleah Parker (2)
06:29    Assisted by Taylor Valladay
06:043-Pointer by Cayla King (3)9-9T 2 
06:04Assisted by Azana Baines   
05:39    3-Pointer by Amandine Toi
05:38Defensive Rebound by Elizabeth Kitley   
05:38    Foul by London Clarkson drawn by Elizabeth Kitley (P2/T2/H2)
05:38    Sub Out London Clarkson
05:38    Sub In Kaydan Lawson
05:38Sub Out Georgia Amoore   
05:38Sub In Kayana Traylor   
05:20Driving Layup by Elizabeth Kitley   
05:13Offensive Rebound by Elizabeth Kitley   
05:13Layup by Elizabeth Kitley (6)11-9VAT +2 
04:58    Driving Layup by Taylor Valladay
04:54Defensive Rebound by Kayana Traylor   
04:493-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard   
04:43Offensive Rebound by Elizabeth Kitley   
04:43Layup by Elizabeth Kitley   
04:42    Defensive Rebound by Taylor Valladay
04:40Foul by Kayana Traylor drawn by Taylor Valladay - Shooting 2 (P1/T2/H2)   
04:40Media Timeout
04:40 11-10VAT +1 Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Taylor Valladay (2) [Fast Break]
04:40    Missed Free Throw (2 of 2) by Taylor Valladay
04:37Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines   
04:283-Pointer by Cayla King   
04:26    Defensive Rebound by TEAM
04:26Sub Out Aisha Sheppard   
04:26Sub Out Azana Baines   
04:26Sub In Georgia Amoore   
04:26Sub In D'asia Gregg   
04:11    Bad Pass by Taylor Valladay
04:11Steal by Cayla King   
03:56Pull Up Jumper by Georgia Amoore (2)13-10VAT +3 
03:56Assisted by Elizabeth Kitley   
03:47   0.0%Bad Pass by Kaydan Lawson
03:47   0.0%Sub Out Kaydan Lawson
03:47   0.0%Sub In Mckenna Dale
03:28Driving Layup by Kayana Traylor (2)15-10VAT +50.2%
03:28Assisted by Elizabeth Kitley  0.2%
03:08   0.2%Driving Layup by Carole Miller
03:08Shot Blocked by Elizabeth Kitley  0.2%
03:04Defensive Rebound by Elizabeth Kitley  0.2%
02:373-Pointer by Georgia Amoore (5)18-10VAT +81.5%
02:17   1.5%Jump Shot by Eleah Parker
02:17Shot Blocked by Elizabeth Kitley  1.5%
02:12Defensive Rebound by Elizabeth Kitley  1.5%
02:01Driving Layup by Kayana Traylor (4)20-10VAT +103.2%
01:49Virginia Full Timeout
01:49   3.2%Sub Out Carole Miller
01:49   3.2%Sub In Mir McLean
01:49Sub Out Elizabeth Kitley  3.2%
01:49Sub In Azana Baines  3.2%
01:34   4.3%Travel by Mir McLean
01:08Pull Up Jumper by Kayana Traylor  4.4%
01:06   4.4%Defensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
01:06   4.4%Sub Out Mckenna Dale
01:06   4.4%Sub In Carole Miller
01:06Sub Out Cayla King  4.4%
01:06Sub In Aisha Sheppard  4.4%
01:06   4.4%Sub Out Eleah Parker
01:06   4.4%Sub In Deja Bristol
00:35   4.6%Lost Ball by Taylor Valladay
00:35Steal by Georgia Amoore  4.6%
00:29Offensive Foul by D'asia Gregg (P1/T3/H3)  4.6%
00:29Turnover by D'asia Gregg  3.4%
00:08   3.5%Turnaround Jumper by Mir McLean
00:03   4.7%Offensive Rebound by Deja Bristol
00:03   4.7%Layup by Deja Bristol
00:02Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  4.7%
00:02Bad Pass by Azana Baines  3.5%
2nd Quarter
10:00Sub Out D'asia Gregg  7.0%
10:00Sub Out Kayana Traylor  7.0%
10:00Sub In Cayla King  7.0%
10:00Sub In Emily Lytle  7.0%
09:38Out of Bounds Turnover by Aisha Sheppard  7.3%
09:20 20-12VAT +85.4%Turnaround Jumper by Mir McLean (2) [Paint]
09:043-Pointer by Cayla King  5.6%
09:01Offensive Rebound by Azana Baines  3.7%
08:49Driving Layup by Azana Baines  3.8%
08:48   3.8%Defensive Rebound by Mir McLean
08:25   4.0%Offensive Foul by Carole Miller (P1/T3/H1)
08:25   6.0%Turnover by Carole Miller
08:25   6.0%Sub Out Carole Miller
08:25   6.0%Sub In Kaydan Lawson
08:14Lost Ball by Georgia Amoore  4.1%
08:14   4.1%Steal by Amandine Toi
08:06   6.2%Lost Ball by Taylor Valladay
08:06Steal by Georgia Amoore  6.2%
07:55Pull Up Jumper by Georgia Amoore (7)22-12VAT +108.9%
07:35   9.3%Driving Layup by Deja Bristol
07:35Shot Blocked by Emily Lytle  9.3%
07:29Defensive Rebound by Aisha Sheppard  9.4%
07:11Step Back 3-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard  9.8%
07:09Offensive Rebound by Emily Lytle  9.8%
07:09   9.8%Foul by Deja Bristol drawn by Azana Baines (P1/T4/H2)
07:09   9.8%Sub Out Deja Bristol
07:09   9.8%Sub In Eleah Parker
07:003-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard  10.1%
06:57   10.1%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
06:42   10.5%Driving Layup by Eleah Parker
06:40   14.1%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
06:40Sub Out Aisha Sheppard  14.1%
06:40Sub In Kayana Traylor  14.1%
06:36   14.2%Bad Pass by Taylor Valladay
06:36Steal by Emily Lytle  14.2%
06:243-Pointer by Cayla King  14.6%
06:21Offensive Rebound by Kayana Traylor  11.1%
06:19Foul by Cayla King drawn by Amandine Toi (P1/T4/H1)  11.1%
06:19Sub Out Emily Lytle  11.1%
06:19Sub In D'asia Gregg  11.1%
06:06 22-15VAT +75.5%3-Pointer by Mir McLean (5)
06:06   5.5%Assisted by Kaydan Lawson
05:403-Pointer by D'asia Gregg  6.0%
05:37   6.0%Defensive Rebound by Kaydan Lawson
05:31 22-17VAT +51.9%Layup by Eleah Parker (4)
05:31   1.9%Assisted by Taylor Valladay
05:073-Pointer by Cayla King (6)25-17VAT +86.6%
05:07Assisted by Azana Baines  6.6%
04:48   7.0%Jump Shot by Eleah Parker
04:45Defensive Rebound by D'asia Gregg  7.1%
04:303-Pointer by Georgia Amoore  7.5%
04:27   7.6%Defensive Rebound by Amandine Toi
04:22Foul by Cayla King drawn by Eleah Parker (P2/T5/H2)  7.7%
04:22Media Timeout
04:22   7.7%Sub Out Taylor Valladay
04:22   7.7%Sub In Carole Miller
04:22Sub Out D'asia Gregg  7.7%
04:22Sub Out Cayla King  7.7%
04:22Sub In Aisha Sheppard  7.7%
04:22Sub In Emily Lytle  7.7%
04:05 25-19VAT +65.0%Driving Layup by Mir McLean (7) [Paint]
03:44   5.5%Foul by Eleah Parker drawn by Emily Lytle - Shooting 2 (P1/T5/H3)
03:44Missed Free Throw (1 of 2) by Emily Lytle  5.5%
03:44Deadball Rebound TEAM  2.8%
03:44Missed Free Throw (2 of 2) by Emily Lytle  2.8%
03:42   2.8%Defensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
03:24   3.1%Driving Layup by Eleah Parker
03:21Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  3.1%
03:03Driving Layup by Azana Baines  3.4%
03:03   3.4%Shot Blocked by Mir McLean
02:59   3.5%Defensive Rebound by Mir McLean
02:56   3.6%3-Pointer by Kaydan Lawson
02:51Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  3.7%
02:40Driving Layup by Aisha Sheppard (2)27-19VAT +812.7%
02:40   12.7%Foul by Carole Miller drawn by Aisha Sheppard - Shooting 1 (P2/T6/H4)
02:40Good Free Throw (1 of 1) by Aisha Sheppard (3)28-19VAT +918.9%
02:40   18.9%Sub Out Carole Miller
02:40   18.9%Sub Out Eleah Parker
02:40   18.9%Sub In Aaliyah Pitts
02:40   18.9%Sub In Deja Bristol
02:23   21.2%3-Pointer by Mir McLean
02:18Defensive Rebound by Georgia Amoore  21.9%
02:083-Pointer by Emily Lytle  23.6%
02:04   24.4%Defensive Rebound by Kaydan Lawson
01:58   25.6%Driving Layup by Kaydan Lawson
01:54   37.1%Offensive Rebound by Mir McLean
01:54 28-21VAT +717.8%Layup by Mir McLean (9)
01:34Driving Layup by Emily Lytle (2)30-21VAT +932.2%
01:07 30-23VAT +730.2%Driving Layup by Mir McLean (11) [Paint]
00:42Layup by Azana Baines  48.2%
00:38Offensive Rebound by Emily Lytle  32.2%
00:38Layup by Emily Lytle  32.2%
00:36Offensive Rebound by Azana Baines  34.0%
00:343-Pointer by Georgia Amoore  36.0%
00:33Offensive Rebound by Emily Lytle  37.1%
00:33Layup by Emily Lytle (4)32-23VAT +991.7%
00:33   91.7%Foul by Deja Bristol drawn by Emily Lytle - Shooting 1 (P2/T7/H5)
00:33   91.7%Sub Out Deja Bristol
00:33   91.7%Sub In Taylor Valladay
00:33Sub Out Azana Baines  91.7%
00:33Sub In D'asia Gregg  91.7%
00:33Missed Free Throw (1 of 1) by Emily Lytle  91.7%
00:31   97.6%Defensive Rebound by Kaydan Lawson
00:25   100.0%Offensive Foul by Taylor Valladay (P1/T8/H6)
00:25   100.0%Turnover by Taylor Valladay
00:043-Pointer by Georgia Amoore  100.0%
00:03Offensive Rebound by D'asia Gregg  100.0%
00:03   100.0%Foul by Aaliyah Pitts drawn by D'asia Gregg - Shooting 2 (P1/T9/H7)
00:03Missed Free Throw (1 of 2) by D'asia Gregg  100.0%
00:03Deadball Rebound TEAM  100.0%
00:03Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by D'asia Gregg (1)33-23VAT +10100.0%
3rd Quarter
10:00   7.0%Sub Out Aaliyah Pitts
10:00   7.0%Sub Out Kaydan Lawson
10:00   7.0%Sub Out Mir McLean
10:00   7.0%Sub In Carole Miller
10:00   7.0%Sub In Eleah Parker
10:00   7.0%Sub In London Clarkson
10:00Sub Out D'asia Gregg  7.0%
10:00Sub Out Kayana Traylor  7.0%
10:00Sub In Azana Baines  7.0%
10:00Sub In Cayla King  7.0%
09:48 33-25VAT +85.1%Driving Layup by Eleah Parker (6)
09:30Bad Pass by Emily Lytle  3.6%
09:30   3.6%Steal by Taylor Valladay
09:25 33-27VAT +62.2%Driving Layup by Taylor Valladay (4) [Fast Break]
09:09Pull Up Jumper by Georgia Amoore  2.2%
09:05Offensive Rebound by Emily Lytle  1.1%
08:573-Pointer by Cayla King  1.2%
08:54   1.2%Defensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
08:43   1.2%Driving Layup by Amandine Toi
08:39   2.4%Offensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
08:39   2.4%Bad Pass by Eleah Parker
08:163-Pointer by Georgia Amoore (10)36-27VAT +96.1%
08:16Assisted by Aisha Sheppard  6.1%
07:47Foul by Azana Baines drawn by Taylor Valladay - Shooting 2 (P2/T6/H3)  6.5%
07:47 36-28VAT +84.3%Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Taylor Valladay (5)
07:47 36-29VAT +72.6%Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by Taylor Valladay (6)
07:37Pull Up 3-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard (6)39-29VAT +109.2%
07:22   9.6%Offensive Foul by Eleah Parker (P2/T10/H8)
07:22   12.7%Turnover by Eleah Parker
07:11Driving Layup by Aisha Sheppard  13.1%
07:11   13.1%Shot Blocked by Eleah Parker
07:05Offensive Rebound by Cayla King  9.9%
07:04Bad Pass by Aisha Sheppard  10.0%
07:04Sub Out Cayla King  10.0%
07:04Sub Out Emily Lytle  10.0%
07:04Sub In D'asia Gregg  10.0%
07:04Sub In Kayana Traylor  10.0%
06:45   13.9%3 Second Lane Violation by London Clarkson
06:253-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard (9)42-29VAT +1323.4%
06:25Assisted by Georgia Amoore  23.4%
06:11   24.3%3-Pointer by London Clarkson
06:08   30.0%Offensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
06:07   30.0%Bad Pass by Eleah Parker
06:07Steal by Aisha Sheppard  30.0%
06:03Driving Layup by Georgia Amoore (12) [Fast Break]44-29VAT +1536.4%
06:03Assisted by Aisha Sheppard  36.4%
05:56Virginia 30 Second Timeout
05:56   37.1%Sub Out Eleah Parker
05:56   37.1%Sub In Mir McLean
05:44   45.4%Bad Pass by London Clarkson
05:23Offensive Foul by Azana Baines (P3/T7/H4)  48.4%
05:23Turnover by Azana Baines  40.9%
05:23Sub Out Azana Baines  40.9%
05:23Sub In Emily Lytle  40.9%
04:57   44.5%Pull Up Jumper by Carole Miller
04:56Defensive Rebound by Aisha Sheppard  44.7%
04:56   44.7%Foul by London Clarkson drawn by Aisha Sheppard (P3/T11/H9)
04:56Media Timeout
04:41Pull Up 3-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard (12)47-29VAT +1874.8%
04:14   82.8%Jump Shot by Mir McLean
04:11Defensive Rebound by D'asia Gregg  83.8%
03:573-Pointer by Georgia Amoore (15)50-29VAT +21100.0%
03:57Assisted by Aisha Sheppard  100.0%
03:50Virginia 30 Second Timeout
03:40 50-31VAT +19100.0%Layup by London Clarkson (2)
03:223-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard  100.0%
03:19   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Mir McLean
03:12   100.0%Jump Shot by Taylor Valladay
03:10   100.0%Offensive Rebound by Mir McLean
03:10Foul by Georgia Amoore drawn by Mir McLean (P1/T8/H5)  100.0%
02:59 50-33VAT +17100.0%Driving Layup by London Clarkson (4)
02:30   100.0%Foul by London Clarkson drawn by Georgia Amoore (P4/T12/H10)
02:30   100.0%Sub Out London Clarkson
02:30   100.0%Sub In Kaydan Lawson
02:30Sub Out Aisha Sheppard  100.0%
02:30Sub In Cayla King  100.0%
02:20Jump Shot by Georgia Amoore  100.0%
02:20   100.0%Shot Blocked by Mir McLean
02:15   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Carole Miller
02:01   100.0%Driving Layup by Kaydan Lawson
01:56   100.0%Offensive Rebound by Mir McLean
01:56   100.0%Layup by Mir McLean
01:56   100.0%Offensive Rebound by Kaydan Lawson
01:56   100.0%Travel by Kaydan Lawson
01:38Driving Layup by Emily Lytle (6)52-33VAT +19100.0%
01:38   100.0%Foul by Kaydan Lawson drawn by Emily Lytle - Shooting 1 (P1/T13/H11)
01:38Good Free Throw (1 of 1) by Emily Lytle (7)53-33VAT +20100.0%
01:23 53-35VAT +18100.0%Driving Layup by Amandine Toi (8)
00:51Pull Up 3-Pointer by Georgia Amoore (18)56-35VAT +21100.0%
00:50Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
00:38   100.0%Turnaround Jumper by Carole Miller
00:34Defensive Rebound by Emily Lytle  100.0%
00:20Driving Layup by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
00:18   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Mir McLean
00:10   100.0%Pull Up Jumper by Amandine Toi
00:05Defensive Rebound by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
00:03   100.0%Foul by Carole Miller drawn by Kayana Traylor - Shooting 2 (P3/T14/H12)
00:03Missed Free Throw (1 of 2) by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
00:03Deadball Rebound TEAM  100.0%
00:03Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by Kayana Traylor (5) [Fast Break]57-35VAT +22100.0%
4th Quarter
10:00Sub Out Cayla King  57.0%
10:00Sub In Aisha Sheppard  57.0%
09:44Driving Layup by Emily Lytle  58.6%
09:41   58.9%Defensive Rebound by Amandine Toi
09:17   61.4%Jump Shot by Carole Miller
09:12Defensive Rebound by Kayana Traylor  62.0%
08:48Step Back 3-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard (15)60-35VAT +2587.5%
08:29   90.8%Driving Layup by Amandine Toi
08:26Defensive Rebound by Aisha Sheppard  91.4%
08:08Pull Up 3-Pointer by Aisha Sheppard (18)63-35VAT +28100.0%
07:44   100.0%Offensive Foul by Mir McLean (P1/T15/H13)
07:44   100.0%Turnover by Mir McLean
07:44   100.0%Sub Out Kaydan Lawson
07:44   100.0%Sub In London Clarkson
07:44Sub Out Emily Lytle  100.0%
07:44Sub In Azana Baines  100.0%
07:31Offensive Foul by Aisha Sheppard (P1/T9/H6)  100.0%
07:31Turnover by Aisha Sheppard  100.0%
07:17   100.0%Lost Ball by London Clarkson
06:52   100.0%Foul by London Clarkson drawn by Azana Baines - Shooting 2 (P5/T16/H14)
06:52   100.0%Sub Out London Clarkson
06:52   100.0%Sub In Eleah Parker
06:52Missed Free Throw (1 of 2) by Azana Baines  100.0%
06:52Deadball Rebound TEAM  100.0%
06:52Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by Azana Baines (3)64-35VAT +29100.0%
06:23   100.0%Driving Layup by Eleah Parker
06:19Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  100.0%
05:55Step Back 3-Pointer by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
05:51   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
05:47Foul by Aisha Sheppard drawn by Carole Miller (P2/T10/H7)  100.0%
05:43   100.0%3-Pointer by Amandine Toi
05:40Defensive Rebound by Aisha Sheppard  100.0%
04:47 64-37VAT +27100.0%Pull Up Jumper by Taylor Valladay (8)
04:23Driving Layup by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
04:23   100.0%Shot Blocked by Mir McLean
04:21Offensive Rebound by Azana Baines  100.0%
04:21Media Timeout
04:21   100.0%Sub Out Carole Miller
04:21   100.0%Sub In Aaliyah Pitts
04:19Jump Shot by D'asia Gregg  100.0%
04:15   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Taylor Valladay
04:06 64-40VAT +24100.0%3-Pointer by Amandine Toi (11)
04:06   100.0%Assisted by Taylor Valladay
03:34Pull Up Jumper by Georgia Amoore (20)66-40VAT +26100.0%
03:10 66-42VAT +24100.0%Jump Shot by Amandine Toi (13)
03:10   100.0%Assisted by Taylor Valladay
02:47Driving Layup by Kayana Traylor (7)68-42VAT +26100.0%
02:31   100.0%Driving Layup by Amandine Toi
02:30   100.0%Offensive Rebound by Mir McLean
02:30   100.0%Layup by Mir McLean
02:30Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  100.0%
02:30   100.0%Foul by Eleah Parker drawn by Azana Baines (P3/T17/H15)
02:023-Pointer by Georgia Amoore  100.0%
01:59   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Eleah Parker
01:52   100.0%Jump Shot by Amandine Toi
01:49Defensive Rebound by Georgia Amoore  100.0%
01:26Offensive Foul by Azana Baines (P4/T11/H8)  100.0%
01:26Turnover by Azana Baines  100.0%
01:12   100.0%Bad Pass by Taylor Valladay
01:12Steal by Kayana Traylor  100.0%
01:06   100.0%Foul by Amandine Toi drawn by Georgia Amoore (P1/T18/H16)
00:52   100.0%Foul by Eleah Parker drawn by Aisha Sheppard - Shooting 2 (P4/T19/H17)
00:52Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Aisha Sheppard (19)69-42VAT +27100.0%
00:52Good Free Throw (2 of 2) by Aisha Sheppard (20)70-42VAT +28100.0%
00:35   100.0%Driving Layup by Taylor Valladay
00:33Defensive Rebound by Azana Baines  100.0%
00:33Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
00:20   100.0%Foul by Mir McLean drawn by Georgia Amoore - Shooting 2 (P2/T20/H18)
00:20Good Free Throw (1 of 2) by Georgia Amoore (21)71-42VAT +29100.0%
00:20Missed Free Throw (2 of 2) by Georgia Amoore  100.0%
00:19   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Mir McLean
00:08   100.0%Pull Up Jumper by Mir McLean
00:04Defensive Rebound by Aisha Sheppard  100.0%