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Under NCAA Rules, Virginia Tech does not count statistics from bowl games in the team or individual statistical totals for games prior to the 2002 season.

Virginia Tech Big Plays (20 or more yards)

20-Yard Plus Plays
75* RushM. VickTemple
74* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickRutgers
69* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickBoston College
65* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickTemple
64* Punt ReturnR. HallMiami
63Kick ReturnA. KendrickFlorida State
60PassR. Hall from M. VickJames Madison
60* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickVirginia
59RushA. KendrickPittsburgh
59* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickBoston College
58RushS. StithSyracuse
58PassAnd. Davis from M. VickWest Virginia
58Kick ReturnC. HawkinsTemple
54* RushM. VickJames Madison
54Punt ReturnR. HallRutgers
53* RushM. VickTemple
51PassAnd. Davis from M. VickWest Virginia
51* Fumble ReturnI. CharltonMiami
50PassAnd. Davis from M. VickVirginia
49* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickFlorida State
46* RushM. VickPittsburgh
46* RushA. KendrickWest Virginia
46Punt ReturnI. CharltonFlorida State
45RushM. VickMiami
44Kick ReturnS. StithJames Madison
43PassAnd. Davis from M. VickJames Madison
43Punt ReturnR. HallJames Madison
43Kick ReturnS. StithVirginia
43* Interception ReturnP. SummersSyracuse
43RushM. VickFlorida State
42Punt ReturnR. HallVirginia
41* PassE. Johnson from D. MeyerUAB
41PassR. Hall from M. VickWest Virginia
41* RushS. StithMiami
39* RushA. KendrickMiami
38PassAnd. Davis from M. VickRutgers
37* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickPittsburgh
36RushS. StithVirginia
36* PassR. Hall from M. VickRutgers
35* PassAnd. Davis from A. KendrickUAB
35Kick ReturnS. StithClemson
35PassB. Wynn from M. VickPittsburgh
34* Interception ReturnI. CharltonClemson
34RushS. StithPittsburgh
34RushM. VickBoston College
34Kick ReturnS. StithFlorida State
33RushJ. FergusonBoston College
32RushS. StithJames Madison
32RushS. StithJames Madison
32* Fumble ReturnC. MooreClemson
32PassR. Hall from M. VickVirginia
32PassAnd. Davis from M. VickRutgers
32PassE. Johnson from M. VickMiami
31RushM. VickClemson
31Kick ReturnS. StithRutgers
31Kick ReturnS. StithPittsburgh
31* Interception ReturnL. AustinTemple
30Kick ReturnS. StithUAB
30PassB. Wynn from M. VickSyracuse
30* PassAnd. Davis from M. VickTemple
30PassD. Carter from M. VickBoston College
30* PassC. Hawkins from M. VickBoston College
29PassB. Wynn from M. VickWest Virginia
29* RushA. KendrickFlorida State
28* RushAnd. DavisSyracuse
27Punt ReturnR. HallJames Madison
27Interception ReturnM. HawkesUAB
27RushA. KendrickSyracuse
26Punt ReturnR. HallJames Madison
26RushS. StithClemson
26* Fumble ReturnC. BirdSyracuse
26Kick ReturnS. StithWest Virginia
26RushM. VickWest Virginia
26PassR. Hall from M. VickTemple
26PassC. Hawkins from M. VickFlorida State
26RushS. StithFlorida State
25PassAnd. Davis from M. VickClemson
25RushS. StithClemson
25PassS. Stith from M. VickVirginia
25Punt ReturnR. HallBoston College
25Kick ReturnS. StithFlorida State
25RushM. VickFlorida State
24PassJ. Ferguson from D. MeyerJames Madison
24* RushA. KendrickClemson
24Kick ReturnS. StithRutgers
24RushS. StithSyracuse
24PassB. Slowikowski from D. MeyerTemple
23PassAnd. Davis from M. VickSyracuse
23Kick ReturnJ. FergusonTemple
23PassAnd. Davis from M. VickFlorida State
23PassC. Hawkins from M. VickFlorida State
23PassE. Johnson from M. VickFlorida State
23Punt ReturnI. CharltonFlorida State
22* RushAnd. DavisJames Madison
22PassT. Parham from M. VickVirginia
22* RushM. VickRutgers
22Punt ReturnR. HallSyracuse
22RushAnd. DavisBoston College
22RushM. VickBoston College
22RushM. VickFlorida State
21Kick ReturnS. StithClemson
21PassD. Carter from M. VickClemson
21Kick ReturnS. StithPittsburgh
21PassR. Hall from M. VickMiami
21PassAnd. Davis from M. VickBoston College
21PassB. Wynn from M. VickBoston College
20RushS. StithUAB
20Kick ReturnL. SuggsRutgers
20PassR. Hall from M. VickRutgers
20* RushJ. FergusonRutgers
20RushM. VickSyracuse
20RushA. KendrickPittsburgh
20PassD. Carter from M. VickMiami
20PassT. Parham from M. VickMiami
20RushS. StithMiami
20RushA. KendrickTemple
20* RushA. KendrickTemple
* - touchdown scored on play
VT Long Plays By The Numbers
Punt Returns101
Kick Returns160
Interception Returns43
Fumble Returns33
20-Yard Plus By Player
S. Stith25112112000
And. Davis22113190000
R. Hall152070800
M. Vick1451400000
A. Kendrick105901000
B. Wynn40040000
C. Hawkins41031000
J. Ferguson41211000
I. Charlton42000211
D. Carter30030000
E. Johnson31030000
T. Parham20020000
M. Hawkes10000010
B. Slowikowski10010000
L. Suggs10001000
L. Austin11000010
P. Summers11000010
C. Bird11000001
C. Moore11000001
Virginia Tech's Longest Plays Of The Year
Rushing75M. Vick vs Temple (11/20/1999)
Rushing TD75M. Vick vs Temple (11/20/1999)
Passing74And. Davis from M. Vick vs Rutgers (10/09/1999)
Passing TD74And. Davis from M. Vick vs Rutgers (10/09/1999)
Punt Return64R. Hall vs Miami (11/13/1999)
Kick Return63A. Kendrick vs Florida State (1/04/2000)
Interception Return43P. Summers vs Syracuse (10/16/1999)
Fumble Return51I. Charlton vs Miami (11/13/1999)
Punt64J. Kibble vs Syracuse (10/16/1999)
Field Goal52S. Graham vs Pittsburgh (10/30/1999)