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Under NCAA Rules, Virginia Tech does not count statistics from bowl games in the team or individual statistical totals for games prior to the 2002 season.

Virginia Tech Big Plays (20 or more yards)

20-Yard Plus Plays
87* RushK. JonesTemple
69* Interception ReturnK. McCadamUCF
58* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelVirginia
56RushK. JonesMiami
55RushK. BurnellRutgers
55* Punt ReturnAnd. DavisUCF
55* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelFlorida State
53Punt ReturnAnd. DavisWest Virginia
53Interception ReturnW. PileVirginia
51PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelFlorida State
49* RushL. SuggsConnecticut
47* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelConnecticut
44* RushK. JonesWest Virginia
42RushK. BurnellConnecticut
42PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelVirginia
42PassJ. Ferguson from G. NoelMiami
41* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelTemple
40Kick ReturnAnd. DavisPittsburgh
40Kick ReturnR. JohnsonMiami
40RushK. JonesMiami
39Kick ReturnR. JohnsonUCF
39PassB. Wynn from G. NoelUCF
39PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelWest Virginia
39RushK. BurnellBoston College
38Kick ReturnR. JohnsonFlorida State
37* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelBoston College
35Kick ReturnR. JohnsonConnecticut
35Interception ReturnD. HallPittsburgh
34* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelBoston College
34* PassE. Wilford from G. NoelTemple
33PassG. Wilds from V. BurnsUCF
33RushK. JonesUCF
32Kick ReturnAnd. DavisWest Virginia
31PassK. Willis from G. NoelConnecticut
31RushK. JonesUCF
30PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelFlorida State
29RushK. JonesWestern Michigan
29PassS. Witten from G. NoelBoston College
29PassB. Slowikowski from G. NoelMiami
29Kick ReturnR. JohnsonFlorida State
28Punt ReturnAnd. DavisBoston College
28RushK. BurnellTemple
27PassB. Slowikowski from G. NoelWestern Michigan
27Interception ReturnB. WelchRutgers
27* Interception ReturnJi. DavisWest Virginia
26Kick ReturnR. JohnsonWestern Michigan
26PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelPittsburgh
26* PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelVirginia
25PassJ. Ferguson from G. NoelWestern Michigan
24Kick ReturnR. JohnsonConnecticut
24* RushJ. FergusonWestern Michigan
24Interception ReturnJ. HouserightRutgers
24Punt ReturnAnd. DavisRutgers
24PassJ. Ferguson from G. NoelUCF
24Punt ReturnR. WhitakerUCF
24RushB. RandallUCF
24Kick ReturnAnd. DavisBoston College
24PassT. Parham from G. NoelBoston College
24RushJ. FergusonTemple
23RushK. JonesConnecticut
23RushK. JonesWestern Michigan
23RushW. WardWestern Michigan
23Kick ReturnR. JohnsonSyracuse
23Punt ReturnAnd. DavisPittsburgh
23Kick ReturnR. JohnsonFlorida State
23Kick ReturnR. JohnsonFlorida State
22* PassD. Easlick from G. NoelWestern Michigan
22PassB. Slowikowski from G. NoelRutgers
22PassT. Parham from G. NoelFlorida State
21Kick ReturnAnd. DavisUCF
21PassK. Jones from G. NoelUCF
21PassAnd. Davis from G. NoelBoston College
21Kick ReturnR. JohnsonPittsburgh
20PassB. Slowikowski from G. NoelConnecticut
20PassR. Johnson from B. RandallConnecticut
20PassS. Witten from G. NoelConnecticut
20RushW. WardWestern Michigan
20Interception ReturnW. PileUCF
20Punt ReturnAnd. DavisWest Virginia
20Kick ReturnAnd. DavisBoston College
20Kick ReturnAnd. DavisVirginia
20PassB. Slowikowski from G. NoelFlorida State
* - touchdown scored on play
VT Long Plays By The Numbers
Punt Returns71
Kick Returns170
Interception Returns72
Fumble Returns00
20-Yard Plus By Player
And. Davis2580136600
R. Johnson1200111000
K. Jones102910000
B. Slowikowski50050000
J. Ferguson51230000
K. Burnell40400000
T. Parham20020000
W. Pile20000020
S. Witten20020000
W. Ward20200000
K. Willis10010000
D. Hall10000010
B. Welch10000010
G. Wilds10010000
J. Houseright10000010
B. Randall10100000
B. Wynn10010000
R. Whitaker10000100
K. McCadam11000010
Ji. Davis11000010
D. Easlick11010000
L. Suggs11100000
E. Wilford11010000
Virginia Tech's Longest Plays Of The Year
Rushing87K. Jones vs Temple (11/10/2001)
Rushing TD87K. Jones vs Temple (11/10/2001)
Passing58And. Davis from G. Noel vs Virginia (11/17/2001)
Passing TD58And. Davis from G. Noel vs Virginia (11/17/2001)
Punt Return55And. Davis vs UCF (9/29/2001)
Kick Return40And. Davis vs Pittsburgh (11/03/2001)
Interception Return69K. McCadam vs UCF (9/29/2001)
Fumble Return9K. McCadam vs Boston College (10/13/2001)
Punt63V. Burns vs Temple (11/10/2001)
Field Goal39C. Warley vs Connecticut (9/01/2001)